How to Turn Bike Into Stationary Bike

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A man working on turning bike into stationary bike

Biking is a very healthy exercise for the body that has many advantages. You get to burn lots of calories while admiring the scenery of nature. Every time you think about it, your heart beats harder.

There are, however, some times where you can no longer ride a bike. At this point, we should also know how to turn bike into stationary bike. It’s not as complicated to make one as you think it is rather it is very easy to convert a bicycle into stationary bike.

How to Make Bike Stationary

If you ride a bike on a regular basis, but the cold weather outside prevents you from being able to ride, converting your regular bike into a stationary bike is the best way to find two uses for the same equipment. What you need is a stationary stand that makes your bike a stationary bike trainer.

Besides minimizing the cost of buying one, you even get to be a bit crafty in your garage. The two types of bike stands are a stationary trainer which clamps the bike’s rear wheel while the front wheel remains in motion or bicycle rollers stand which raises the bicycle, enabling the two wheels to spin.

Stationary Bike Trainer

A bike trainer helps you to ride your bike indoors, such as in a gym or health club. Several types of bike trainers are available. Most of them usually have frames that, when spinning, hang on to the rear of the wheel.

There are advanced stands with the resistance feature. These are fluid-filled spaces, which create fluid resistance similar to when riding outdoors to experience the same thing at home. For your ease, these are noiseless to avoid too much noise.

List of Best Devices to Convert Bicycle to Stationary Bike

Bicycle Rollers

If you’re a pro-cyclist looking for a more realistic outdoor experience, get a roller system.

In comparison to a basic bike trainer, this system is not as reliable. It consists of two rollers or more. Two sit at the front and the other at the back.

We recommend Tacx Galaxia Indoor Retractable Bicycle Rollers. This is the best in the market.

Using Your Own Bike as a Stationary Bike

Setting the Stationary Bike Stand

Find a place in your home where your bike has ample space and a space to mount your bike. Choose a level spot, on a non-padded surface, if possible.

Then lay the pieces of the bicycle stand as you wish it to be — some stands have two parts that need to be integrated onto the bicycle and some have to be one part. Setting them in the right place would guarantee that you have workout space and increase the speed of setup.

First, place the back end of the bicycle on the stand. You can lock the rear wheel as tightly as you can. Until the front wheel is at the stand, there is some wiggle space.

Next, place and secure the front wheel on the stand. After this, it is time to re-tighten the back wheel of the stand, to ensure that it is securely in place, but not so tight that it allows the bearings of the bicycle to rub or to fail.

Check the Setup

Walk back a few steps from the bike to make sure the bike is correctly balanced. If you find a sink in the forward or back wheels, fix the bicycle and make sure it is level.

Next, shake the bicycle side by side to make sure it is sturdy. It will wobble from side to side as you ride the bike at high speed. Make sure the bike allows adequate movement and is stable enough to withstand you during the ride.

Turn Your Bike Into Stationary Bike: DIY

You can either make your indoor bike trainer stand or convert your bike to a stationary exercise bike with a commercial stationary bike converter. At this point, it’s good to know how to turn a cycle into a stationary exercise bike yourself. It’s not as complicated to make one as you think it is. 

This should be a really easy job if you know your way around a toolkit. Just follow these basic steps in the video to turn your cycle into a stationary exercise bike.


What Are the Benefits of Biking at Home?

The temporary transformation of your bike into a stationary bike provides a whole world of advantages. A bike is a perfect way to lose calories on a standby bike.

It is also a perfect way to reach, or surpass, the Health and Human Services suggest that adult healthy individuals get at least 150 minutes of mild aerobic intensity or 75 minutes of intense cardio each week.

And ultimately, this kind of regular physical exercise will also leave you advantages such as increased endurance, healthier mood, and a decreased chance of many chronic diseases.

How to Turn Mountain Bike Into Stationary Bike?

A mountain bike is a very durable type of bicycle that is intended for tough off-road biking. It is, however, possible to convert any bicycle, even a mountain bike, into a stationary exercise bike. Just follow the steps above to make your bicycle stationary. You can exercise daily on your mountain bike indoors comfortably by turning it into a stationary bicycle if you are an active mountain biker and want to keep in shape throughout the off-season.

Do Trainers Damage Your Bike?

Generally, bike trainers are very safe to use on cycles, including very costly carbon fiber bicycles. There are, though, a few ways to damage your bicycle and its parts with a trainer.

With resistance trainers, it is critical that the rear hub link is not over-tightened. After you tighten the trainer into the hub, try out the connection by rotating the wheel. The bike’s rear wheel can spin freely. If it doesn’t spin freely, you’ve over-tightened the trainer to the hub, which can do serious harm if you’re riding. Another type of harm that can be done to the bike in a trainer is added wear on the rear tire for resistance trainers and on both wheels for bike rollers. Lastly, sweat will drip on the components of the bike and corrode them because of the salt content of sweats if you happen to sweat a lot during your exercise.

That’s It Go Convert Your Bikes to Stationary Bikes

It’s an easy but precise feat to know how to turn a bike into a stationary exercise bike. If you have the right parts and enough time, you can do so in your garage. Buy the gears or build yourself an indoor bike with the DIY guide and do your workout.

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