Treadmills vs. Bikes vs. Elliptical vs. Rowing Machines- Ultimate Comparison

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Treadmills vs. Bikes vs. Elliptical vs. Rowing Machines-Comparison-healtharty

Are you curious about exercising at home yet get overwhelmed with the numerous alternatives out there? For you, the best exercise machine depends on your goals, and which machine you want to use. After all, a machine you hate to use is not going to be a helpful resource in your search for losing weight, no matter how others will like it.

An individual with a small home will claim Bikes are the most effective as they take less room.

Due to the fact that they can multitask and get the job done while in a heart-pumping workout, a busy go-getter may like the treadmill best.

Since they involve lots of muscles and blast lots of calories in just a couple of short minutes, a CrossFit athlete may say that rowers are the best cardio.

A gym instructor could say the elliptical trainer is the very best because they are so safe, have a low injury risk, are extremely easy to utilize, and also gym participants appear to be attracted to them.

All 4 make sensible and “Best” cardio choices. Let’s see just how they compare.

Treadmills vs. Bikes vs. Elliptical vs. Rowing Machines (Comparison)

Equipment Type

The Good

The Bad


Flexible, possibly extreme, and enables multitasking, with the downside being that only the lower body functions.

  • Highest chance to enhance cardiovascular, weight loss, and bone density

  • Burn more fat than bike or elliptical

  • Customize workout with Decline/Incline features

  • Minimal impact with SOFTdeck tech

  • At a speed of 5mph, it can burn much more calories

  • At a speed of 5mph, it can burn much more calories

  • Normal, acquainted & very easy movement

  • Noisy

  • Most pricey

  • Bulkier than rowing machines

  • Takes up extra space

  • Engages far fewer muscle groups than the rower

  • workout on the treadmill causes less muscle resistance than regular jogging

  • If used incorrectly, you may end up on a treadmill fail YouTube video

Exercise Bikes

Little to no learning curve. every person understands exactly how to cycle, great for rehabilitation, and also those in the process of recouping from an injury, programmable workout alternatives.

  • Most economically valued piece of equipment

  • Low to no impact workout

  • Easiest on the body and also joints

  • Lowest calorie burn/hour contrasted with a treadmill and also elliptical

  • Available in upright as well as recumbent, for practically every efficiency level

  • Normal, acquainted & very easy movement

  • Works only on the leg muscles.

Rowing Machines

In the shortest period of time, it burns the most calories, using the entire body but it is also the hardest machine to use correctly.

  • Slightly more economical than the stationary bike

  • Magnetic rowing machines are much quieter

  • Low impact exercise

  • Offers a full body workout

  • Doesn't call for Electricity

  • Efficiently constructs muscles

  • Inflexible movement choices, 

  • Requires direction & coordination before using

  • It may take a bit of extra area than an exercise bike

  • Less familiar activities than cycling

  • Not suitable for people recovering from an upper body injury

  • Incorrect use can create a back injury

  • Rowing takes focus, so, no multitasking.

Elliptical Trainers

Serve as the safe bet. Low chance of injury, easy to use for both the upper and lower body activities.

  • Low impact workout that's easy on both body and the joints

  • Handles permit for a full body exercise

  • Burn fewer calories per Hr. than a treadmill

  • Ease of use

  • Versatile movement choices

  • May burn a little a lot more calories

  • Expensive

  • It does not burn fat as rapid as the rower

  • Some claim the rigid, recurring motion "really feels odd."

  • Too simple to hop on without challenging yourself


While running as well as walking typically create more influence on your bones and also joints than a stationary bicycle or elliptical machine, the majority of high-end treadmills are built with running deck that help to soak up effect as well as pounds. This offers a large advantage over exterior workouts on asphalt or concrete.

Man on a treadmill running

Many treadmills likewise include electronic features as well as setups that permit you to tailor your workouts to fulfill your particular fitness demands. Nearly all models consist of speed as well as incline setups and can be configured for individual calorie-burning, rate, and mileage goals.

In addition to providing all the advantages of a natural run or walk (without the complications of hurdles or the environment) in the safety of your own home, the treadmill has shown to be the simple training option for achieving optimum fitness outcomes in the shortest period.

The treadmill is unbeatable for a aerobic and fat-burning workout and will help you consume 50 to 250 additional calories an hour compared to an exercise bike or elliptical machine. 

The treadmill is a low body exercise, so your hands are free to multitasking. Many hectic people like the treadmill since you can read, reply to an email, view the information on TELEVISION, or play on your tablet while on the treadmill.

Think Before Buying

If you’re trying to squeeze your machine into a home workplace, a garage or your sitting room, these small variations in size can have a huge effect on your final decision, which is why we would certainly suggest that you begin the buying process before.

  • Deciding where your brand-new machine is most likely to live.
  • Measuring the room properly, so you understand just how much room you need to fill up.
  • Keep these dimensions on-hand while you’re searching for machines.


Treadmills are usually the costliest exercise machine since they include a great deal of advanced technology, including the console that allows you to make points like readjusting the surface area, speed, or inline.

It makes sense to pay a little bit extra for a machine that’ll offer you full control over your training sessions if these modern technologies are important to you.

However, if you just wish to exercise on a straightforward as well as easy machine, you might desire to save some dimes and choose something more affordable, like a rowing machine or bikes.


In regards to the total footprint, treadmills are absolutely the largest machines. The average dimension of treadmills is approx. 65: x 45″ x 22″, that makes them the largest kind of machine, and one of the lengthiest.

You’ll need great deals of room to suit a treadmill, and it’s also essential to consider just how you’ll get it in and out of your house, specifically if there are plenty of dilemmas or slim passages.

Treadmills are rather low, however. So, if you’re seeking a machine that would certainly fit in a garage or low-ceiling space with plenty of floor space, they maybe your best option.

Some treadmills do fold-up for easy mobility; however, they’re typically the least maneuverable of the four machines we’re checking out. So, if you’re going to be relocating your equipment around a lot, there are definitely better alternatives.

Some of The Best Folding Treadmills On The Market





  • Best value for the money

  • Max Capcity: 250 lbs

  • Top Speed: 10 MPH

  • Great for small spaces

  • Max Capcity: 220 lbs

  • Top Speed: 7 MPH

  • Lower to the floor design

  • Max Capcity: 265 lbs

  • Top Speed: 7.5 MPH

  • Intelligent design

  • Max Capcity: 300 lbs

  • Top Speed: 12 MPH

  • Can be stored under bed

  • Max Capcity: 220 lbs

  • Top Speed: 8 MPH

  • Super slim and compact

  • Max Capcity: 220 lbs

  • Top Speed: 7.5 MPH


The treadmill is a rather uncomplicated cardio machine. It is less complicated to utilize than a rower, but there is still an area for mistake as well as possible injury if you do not use it properly. A treadmill is pretty simple to learn.

This is super-straightforward since they’re designed to help you imitate motions you make on a daily basis like walking down the street or cycling.

The different controls that regulate the rate, incline, or resistance may seem intimidating at first look, yet many designs come with straightforward guides, as well as the basic gist of the machine is basic You step up and stroll/run forward while the belt turns beneath you. Here is a how to use a treadmill beginners guide video:


The treadmill mainly works in the lower body as well as the cardiovascular system. The major muscles impacted are the upper legs (both hamstrings as well as quadriceps), the calves, and the glutes, more so as you increase the incline on your treadmill. Treadmill as an exercise machine was first patented on June 17, 1913.

The abdominals are also worked, specifically if you run. The back, pectorals, shoulders, and arms are also utilized, but at a lower strength.

You can multitask, enjoy TV, checked out a publication, check email while exercising. Well-built treadmills reduce the effect on the joints. You can differ the intensity and also slope to level up fat burning. 

Treadmill, which burns between 200 to 400 calories per hr. (relying on the incline, the speed, and your arm movement) That’s not to claim that treadmills are noticeably much less efficient. Several research studies have located that treadmills can, in fact, be utilized for much longer than a super-intensive option like the rowing machine.

Depending upon your degree of fitness, your endurance, and your ability for punishing workouts, the treadmill could really be a better choice, particularly if you’re trying to carefully increase your exercise program or avoid high-intensity exercise.

The daily use of a treadmill will help develop stamina / endurance, enhance cardiovascular capacity and strengthen the resilience of your leg / back muscles, according to an article published on ACE fitnesss.


Regardless of their fearful reputation, treadmills are safe to make use of, as well as there’s really no reason to avoid them completely. That said, there is some truth to the idea that they can harm your hips, ankle joints, and knees. That stated, the risk of actual injury is minute.


Well, they’re also less complex, due to the fact that they’re mainly self-contained and also bar sometimes examining all the buttons on the console, there’s absolutely nothing you need to do.

The only minor caveat? Treadmills are rather complex machines with great deals of moving components.

Thus, they are somewhat extra vulnerable to going nuts, and you could find that you need to call somebody out to fix a fault, which might impact your decision to acquire one. If it’s a minor maintenance work you can do it yourself.

Exercise Bikes

spin bikes in a gym

Although they have been in existence for several years, exercise bikes have actually gone back to the center of the workout scene. This schedules in big part to breakthroughs in modern technology boosted designs that permit participants to mimic exterior biking in the convenience of their own homes or a group class setting.

Unlike other kinds of “weight-bearing” exercise (such as strolling or running), the stationary bicycle offers individuals an opportunity to increase their heart rate without considerable stress on knees, feet, hips, or ankles. 

Furthermore, integrated resistance attributes enable you to tailor your workout to your certain goals, by imitating hillsides, level ground, and also rolling surface. 

Many models also supply electronic functions, which allow you to configure the bike for a particular goal or workout. This is really handy for attaining reliable, quantifiable outcomes.

Normally offered in recumbent or upright styles, stationary bicycles are made for almost every degree of performance and body, whether you’re a skilled cyclist committed to boosting your peddle stroke or a holiday warrior just aiming to perspire.


Stationary bikes often tend to start at around $120. That claimed, progressed stationary bicycles- consisting of the models with pulse monitors developed into the handlebars and also special braces for your smart device-can cost as much as $1100.


The average dimension of stationary bike 44 x 20 x 43 inches. If you’re short on room, stationary bicycles are absolutely your best option since they occupy hardly any type of area, they’re light, and they have a slim profile, which implies you can press them right into reasonably limited areas.


The standing bike is additionally reasonably straightforward. You mount right into the saddle as well as peddle as you would on a normal road cycle. You can adjust the resistance and also slope while you ride. Many designs also come with pre-set programs that help to give a diverse experience that works great deals of different muscles.


The stationary bike which allows you to burn in between 400 – 600 calories per Hr. It’s essential to comprehend that burning 600 calories per hr. on a stationary bike is only viable if you’re pedaling hard and standing up, which forces your body to sustain its very own weight as well as pressures your muscles to work more.

It’s also important to note that stationery bicycles have one of the most precise calorie counters, and some clinical researches have shown that other sorts of exercise machines can overstate calorie-burning potential by 7 to 10 percent.

Bikes often tend to focus on your glutes as well as legs. They provide a healthy dose of cardiovascular benefits. They have been shown to encourage the development of a strong heart and also lungs. However, they leave your arms untouched, as well as they don’t really encourage good pose, so your major benefit here is calorie-burning/weight loss.


The stationary bike is comparable in many areas: It sustains your weight, enables you to embrace your comfy place, and also concentrates on allowing you exercise at your own speed, which means there are no real safety threats to using one.

Stationary bikes are also low-impact, which means that they won’t wound your bones or joints even if you use them every day for several years.


Generally, these machines are fairly maintenance-free. You may need to tighten the bolts that secure the pedals as soon as every 2-3 months.

You might need to lubricate the chain every 1-2 years, yet there’s really little need for more hands-on maintenance, the majority of good models include a three-year warranty.

Rowing Machines

Woman on a rowing machine

The rowing machine is not a piece of complex exercise equipment. Nonetheless, it does have special features that need some historical knowledge. The rower uses the most muscles as well as can actually get your heart pumping. It is a rapid and fat burning cardio option.

They’ve been known to offer fairly substantial cardiovascular benefits, with one research showing that individuals using a rowing machine for 30 mins daily could anticipate a significant decrease in cardiovascular risk.

The machine was developed to mimic the actions of rowers that propel boats through the water. While holding a bar, which functions as the oar, you remain on a sliding seat.

The very first movement is a push with your legs away from the front of the machine. The second movement uses a pulling activity, first with the core and also after that with the arms. Now you are at the backside of the rower. To go back to the front, reverse the motion.

The damper is the main change you can bring to the rowing machine when working out. A higher setting of the damper will provide a slower, much heavier boat effect, while a decreased setting of the damper would make the system mimic a lightweight boat.


Because they are straightforward and fairly simple machines, without a great deal of moving/mechanical components, rowing machines are generally the most affordable option. If you simply intend to function out on a basic and also easy to use a machine, the rower is a good choice.

Certainly, you can still find some really costly rowing machines around, including the retro, wood machines featured on House of Cards, or the sophisticated models utilized by expert athletes.

However, for the many components, rowing machines have a tendency to start at around $109, while mid- to premium machines will certainly cost you even more.


Despite their exceptionally reduced height (and also slim width), the majority of rowing machines are rather long, with the average dimensions looking something like 45.50″ x 27.00″ x 9.50″.

This means that fitting rowing machines in small spaces can be a challenge and you can find that you need a lot more space than you originally anticipated. Especially if you need the possibility to walk around your machine.

So, if you have your eyes set on some kind of machine, continue to look at alternative models before concentrating your efforts on something even less desirable.


Rowing machines can be really challenging to master, particularly when you’re just beginning, as well as you haven’t obtained the proper technique down properly. That’s not to state that rowing machines are harmful.

You have to make use of the rower with an appropriate posture. If you get on, crank the resistance, and simply go, you are running the risk of strain, discomfort, or perhaps injury to you back.

If you exercise inappropriate form or the wrong resistance setting, you will miss out on several rowing benefits.

Inappropriate posture can trigger you to miss some of the muscles that you ought to be taking into account during the stroke, making the workout less effective.


Rowing machines are designed for both cardiovascular as well as anaerobic exercise and will be a lot more efficient than a stationary bike.

These super-efficient machines enable you to burn plenty of calories (burn between 700 to 900 calories) per hour. However, they also help to enhance your heart as well as construct back/shoulder muscles.

The rowing machine works on a lot of the muscles in your body, including other benefits:

  • Upper leg (quadriceps as well as hamstring).
  • Engages the greatest percentage of muscles.
  • Calf bone and also tibial muscles. 
  • Both upper and lower body.
  • Arms, triceps muscles.
  • Huge dorsal, trapezoid, and rhomboid muscles.
  • Abdominals.
  • Quads.
  • Hip flexors.
  • It blasts one of the greatest numbers of calories in the quickest time.

The rowing machine replies to your commands, offering instantaneous re-calibration as you need it. The intensity of the rowing machine relies on your acts, making changes interactive and immediate, unlike with a treadmill where you set the pace and incline beforehand.

A rowing session can take as low as 20 minutes or less to complete, so if you are a busy person the rower might be right for you. If you’re looking for an intensive, hole body exercise, the rowing machine is absolutely the king.

The treadmill, elliptical, as well as the exercise bike are also up there in terms of health benefits.


Rowing machines are often known to have low impact in terms of joint tension, but they are much riskier in the sense that they put a number of different muscle groups under stress.

They are usually considered to be very secure, but there is a small risk of strains or stretched muscles.


Rowing machines are most likely one of the most maintenance-intensive of the four machines. That stated, there’s still really little to do.

You have to spray some lubricating oil onto the moving components from time to time, as well as you’ll need to tighten up the seat screws every month approximately. Other than that, rowing machines are largely set & forget.


woman working out on an elliptical

The elliptical trainer is the simplest among the four to use. Part treadmill and part Stairmaster, and also imitating the pedal activity of an exercise bike, the elliptical trainer uses a distinct mix of fitness benefits, without affecting knees, backside, hip, and joints.

This weight-bearing exercise allows you to burn calories a lot more efficiently than non-weight-bearing exercise, plus efficiently builds bone thickness.

This cross-training-style machine can likewise be programmed via electronic settings to satisfy your particular goals of calorie-burning, distance, and also rate. Another one-of-a-kind advantage is that the ellipticals can be “pedaled” backward along with onward, to successfully work a complete variety of leg muscles.

The elliptical has actually proven preferred with those who are seeking to obtain the benefits of a whole-body weight-bearing exercise without the stress and battering.


Ellipticals, which start at $300 as well as a peek at around $2800 for the high-end machines, with electronic pulse displays, calorie tracking modern technology, and also various others.


Ellipticals are much smaller sized; measuring in at roughly 25.00″ x 13.00″ x 12.50″, but they do still need rather a great deal of vacuum, and it’s essential to bear in mind that the arms need to be able to swing freely, which implies you’ll need an uncluttered space to use them correctly.

Most elliptical trainers you run into additionally have arm resistance bars, so you get an both upper and lower body exercise.

Ellipticals are also mobile, but they do tend to be a bit taller, which can make them rather cumbersome. Ellipticals additionally tend to be a fair little bit larger than stationary bikes or rowing machines, thus relocating them from space to space is typically a labor-intensive activity.


The elliptical is likewise (reasonably) straightforward. You stand on the pedals, understand the handlebars, and walk. The activity can take some getting used to, however, because it feels a little bit like you’re drifting in mid-air, and it can be a little upsetting for newbies.

There is a factor a lot of people you see at the gym usage elliptical trainers. They are simple to use and not at all daunting. Just hop on, and you have no choice but to adhere to the machine’s motion.

It’s hard to exercise improperly on the elliptical trainer. The hardest thing is learning exactly how to configure the console and modify resistance.


Elliptical trainers are really low-impact machines, so they won’t strain knee joints or any type of other body areas. They will not intensify a bad back like rowing might, and they don’t create foot injury, which is a possibility with running. Other benefits are:

  • Really simple to use, basically no learning curve.
  • The low effect, extremely easy on the joints.
  • Very little risk of injury, hard to misuse.
  • Both upper and lower body if you make use of the arm resistance bars.

Elliptical, support your weight as you work out, burn approx. 650 calories per hr. Ellipticals are designed to allow you to simulate strolling, running, or climbing stairs.

They additionally help you to enhance the cardiovascular system and also develop healthy glutes, upper legs, and back muscle. In elliptical workout, you do even more job and also burn more calories while really feeling like you’re creating less effort.

Elliptical works on Hamstrings, Quads, Glutes, Biceps, Triceps, thighs, Hip flexors, as well as both your lower and upper body, also increases your endurance.


An elliptical is a low-impact machine, which indicates it will not put stress and anxiety on your joints or damage fragile cells in your body. It’s safe for people with joint inflammation, back pain, or osteoporosis.

Ellipticals are also very easy to readjust, and you can set them to a resistance degree that matches your body, which suggests there’s a very reduced risk of accidental sprains or strains.

The only small concern is that ellipticals do not require you to take on a healthy posture, so if you slouch while you’re utilizing one, you might do damage to your back.


You’ll need to tighten up the bolts that secure vital pivot points once every 2-3 months, and you sometimes need to spray silicone-based lubricating substance onto the exact same pivot points to prevent extreme wear but there’s no need for anything more exhaustive.


Which is better treadmill exercise bike or elliptical?

The treadmill offers very little resistance, so don’t expect to obtain much intensity . Rather, consider the elliptical or the bike. The elliptical will help you get strength in either the upper as well as the lower body, whereas the bike will concentrate primarily on the body.

Which burns more calories stationary bike or rowing machine?

Rowing machines burn between 700 to 900 calories per hour on the other hand stationary bike allows you to burn in between 400 – 600 calories per hour.

Is riding an exercise bike as good as walking?

When done at a moderate rate, both exercise bike and walking burns calories. Riding a bicycle burns burn in between 400 – 600 calories per hour compared with 210 to 360 calories through a brisk walk. If you are trying to shed weight, hopping on the stationary bicycle could possibly be a better choice.

Is rowing or cycling better for weight loss?

The rowing machine does work more on muscles than the usual spin bikes and it is possible to burn more calories overall but not everybody enjoys rowing. It does depend on how frequently and the sort of workout you do that determines which is beneficial for fitness and weight loss.

Final Verdict

When it comes to health benefits, knowing your very own preferences is important. The rowing machine is certainly king if you’re looking for an intense, full-body workout, but the treadmill and even the elliptical are indeed up there as well as.

The exercise bike is also no slouch in the calorie-burning sector. Running on an inclined treadmill cannot be beaten if you’re currently relatively strong and healthy, and also, you’re looking to burn fat as promptly as possible.

There are both advantages and disadvantages to any type of exercise machine, with rowing machines offering considerably more health benefits (at the cost with a much higher learning curve).

When you have a high proportion of body fat and are looking for an easy workout, your best solution is probably elliptical or exercise bikes.

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