Can I Use a Treadmill in An Apartment? – Upstairs or Second Floor

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treadmill in upstairs apartment

The simple answer is that, in most cases, you can use a treadmill in your apartment, even a treadmill elliptical combo. However, the answer isn’t always that straightforward since there are several additional factors to consider, including space, vibration, quiet hours, potential damages, and so on.

Before making such a significant expenditure, make sure to verify with your landlord or lease contract.

So, let’s have a look at the other variables.

We go over several questions to see if having a treadmill or any other type of workout equipment in your apartment is a viable choice.

  • Can I have a treadmill in the apartment upstairs?
  • Can I use a treadmill on the 2nd floor in an apartment?
  • Is the treadmill on the second floor of the house safe?
  • Is there any problem with using a treadmill on first floor apartment?
  • How noisy is a treadmill in a flat?
  • Using a treadmill on an apartment balcony safe?
  • Have you ever gotten complaints from your neighbors while using treadmills in an apartment?
  • Did you have to ask permission from the apartment management to use a treadmill?

TL; DR -Treadmill in Apartment Upstairs

  • You can use a treadmill and other equipment that weighs less than 300 lbs. on any floor.
  • Better you start with buying a very quiet treadmill first.
  • If you already have a treadmill, then buy some thick treadmill mats or isolation pads to reduce/dampen the noise.
  • Talk to your downstairs neighbors to see if they have any problems.
  • You can also mount them on a piece of 3/4 inch plywood with extra-heavy padding to minimize any thumping.
  • If you have a very picky neighbor, then you are out of luck. Better go for an exercise bike or elliptical.

The best way to run quietly on a treadmill upstairs in a condo or apartment is the first place a regular treadmill mat, then on top place some treadmill isolation pads and then 3/4-inch plywood, lastly, your treadmill.

If you treadmill have wheel, the wheels are kept centered on the wood with the thick beads of glue around them.

best way to setup a treadmill for using in a condo or apartment upstairs or  2nd floor

Weight Capacity of The Floor

A well-constructed floor should be able to hold 50 pounds per square foot with ease. So, in a 100-square-foot space, you’ll need 5,000 pounds of weight to incur structural damage. If you have a treadmill, place it on top of a floor beam to increase the amount of weight it can support. Alternatively, place it atop a load-bearing wall.

If you’re still worried, there are a few steps you may do to reduce your risk. If you’re familiar with the structure, you might place the treadmill right on top of a floor joist to increase weight-bearing capability. If we’re talking about the upper floor of a house, the treadmill might be placed above a load-bearing wall.

Look for a treadmill that is less heavy. Even the most enormous treadmill is unlikely to be too much for your floor to handle.

Noise & Vibration when Using a Treadmill in A Condo or Apartment

When used, treadmills may produce a lot of vibration, and vibration equals noise. If anyone is below you, there’s almost no chance they won’t hear you work out.

A treadmill running at 40 decibels may produce 80 decibels of noise for anybody underneath you. The vibrations produced by a treadmill will be magnified by wall gaps and timber framing and will travel throughout the structure.

Drop your heels on the floor to see how sound travels through a structure. The treadmill will most likely be quite noisy if a buddy downstairs can hear it.

Anti-vibration treadmill mats can assist preserve floors from damage and can help decrease noise. Additionally, place the treadmill in a corner to reduce vibrations.

If at all feasible, relocate to the first floor of your apartment to avoid disturbing your neighbors and to make it simpler to get a treadmill in and out. Alternatively, seek an apartment that has a gym or fitness facility.

Inform your downstairs neighbor that you’ll be working out on your treadmill from time to time and ask them what the best time is to avoid disturbing them.

It’s a good idea to ask your neighbors about appropriate workout times. As a result, if you’re creating too much noise at the incorrect times, your neighbors may feel a lot more comfortable approaching you and are less inclined to complain.

Getting Your Treadmill Upstairs

Most businesses will not transport a treadmill beyond the street, leaving you to battle with your new machine. Alternatively, you must pay an additional fee to the delivery provider for the upstairs delivery. Before purchasing a treadmill, keep these factors in mind.


There is no hard and fast reason why you can’t have a treadmill upstairs and use it. Except for the shoddiest construction, all floors will be able to withstand the weight. To keep exercises quiet, try the strategies listed above.

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