Treadmill Burning Smell – Causes & Solution

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Although it is a healthy way to burn calories on a treadmill, a burning smell is an indication that the treadmill needs maintenance. Treadmills are similar to any home appliances in that they have a motor that sometimes fail. They are large machines which produce both heat and movement with the help of the engine.

If you recently purchased your treadmill or had this for a few years, it is not a positive thing if the treadmill smells like burning rubber. So, what do you do if you notice burning smell coming from treadmill or treadmill smells like burning rubber?  The major components of the treadmill must be thoroughly examined. If you are looking for one try out our picks on these posts:

Safety comes first. Stop using the treadmill right away and unplug it. A smoke detector may have been mounted in a room with a treadmill. This covers your home whether you are in the vicinity or not; perhaps one of your family members is using it. Treadmills are large, heavy appliances that must be maintained at home.

Examine the treadmill from all angles to see whether there is smoke, if there is no smoke than it is an indication that something is wrong under the hood. The treadmill can be serviced on a daily basis, depending on how long you’ve got it. This involves after-use washing the treadmill, tightening some screws and bolts, and lubricating the deck every 2-3 months.

Start with the motor. It’s a typical cause of a treadmill’s burning smell. Over time, gravel, hair as well as other debris will clog the engine. Remove the motor cover as directed in the manual of your owner. Clean the area around the motor with compressed air and a vacuum. Many inexpensive treadmills have a motor with a cardboard core and once the voltage and amperes flow thru the motor heats it up enough, it starts to burn. If it is the case, the belt and motor may usually be replaced and in some cases if the armature of the engine has overheated, the motor also needs to be replaced as well.

Now Check the Deck. Properly managing your treadmill’s belt and deck will minimize the amount of friction and static electricity. Clean the belt, deck, and underneath the treadmill after cleaning the motor. Lubricate the belt and deck of your treadmill if the manufacturer advises it. If your belt or deck assembly has been damaged or seems to be wearing out, repair the components according to the instructions given by your treadmill company.

Search for Electrical Shorts. The burning smell could be caused by an electrical malfunction in your treadmill’s engine, console, or wiring whether your motor, belt, and deck seem to be in good working order. An excessive amount of static electricity may cause a treadmill’s electrical components to fail. Place the treadmill on a mat to reduce friction and trap debris before it enters the motor. Call an electrician or a qualified repair man if you assume an electrical short.


If no fault is found, you may want to call an electrician to see if anything is wrong. You can consult with a treadmill specialist who will be able to determine why your treadmill smells like burning rubber. A burning smell from treadmill may be a small problem for you to resolve or a major one that requires a competent support person to carry out. If you are unable to identify the burning smell source, stop using the treadmill before an experienced professional can serve you.

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