Recumbent Bike Workout for Beginners- Best for Weight Loss

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Recumbent Bike Workout

A recumbent bike is as good as the type of exercise you do with it, therefore it is crucial that you engage in a proper recumbent bike workout to drop off those ugly unwanted pounds. If you are not certain where to start follow the exercise routines below. Recumbent folding exercise bikes are getting more traction for both gym and home uses.

Best 5 Recumbent Bike Workout

1. Exercise Bike Interval Training 

All these are cardio workouts done in short intensity bursts that alternate with significantly less overwhelming periods of workouts. You can do one minute of hard sprints on a bike followed by 30 minutes of medium or slow pace. You can achieve it by simply increasing or decreasing the pedal speed to build up the resistance.

You can set time intervals to anything suits your own needs, But majority go using a 1 to 1 ratio for both activity and rest. If you are brand new to recumbent bike interval training, proceed with a 2 to 1 ratio if your recovery time is more.

So if you are likely to do 30 seconds of high intensity Interval training (HIIT) then the recovery period needs to be a minute. Try this as long your body needs to get used to. As soon as your body has been accustomed to it, then up the intensity pedaling into one minute however, maintain your recovery period to one min.

Bike Interval Workout Routine

Start your recumbent bike exercises using a warm up. As you warm up through workouts to loosen up your muscles, the very exact rules apply when you are on your bike. A 5 minute warm up is sufficient to work up a sweat and loosen up your limbs.

Pedal for 30 minutes (95% capability).

Drop the resistance and speed for 30 sec, this is your recovery period.

Bring the speed and performance to 85% capacity for 30 sec followed by a second 30 second recovery period.

Alternate between both for 20 minutes.

When the 20 minutes are up, do a 5 minute cool down routine on the bike, similar to a warm up?

This is an example of the type of interval workout which you are able to do on your own bike. Adjust time intervals and intensity because it suits your current physical condition.

2. 20 Minute HIIT Workout

With this workout you are going to need a recumbent bike that’s got multiple resistance levels, preferably up to 20. The following is the suggested exercise plan however feel free to change in accordance with your skills and the type of exercise bike you’ve got.

890 5 minutes
1580 one min
150 30 secs
1580 1 min
150 30 secs
1580 1 min
150 30 sec

Continue alternating between level 15 and level 1 until you reach the 20 minutes or your desired time.

Throughout the working or fast segments, pedal as hard as you can; move your legs slowly throughout the rest portion. During the fast segments attempt to proceed as fast as possible to the stage where you are breathless, followed by a recovery period. Don’t move throughout the rest of the period even if you can, as you are going to want to save that energy during the working part of this routine.

3. Workout with dumbbells (Specifically for Weight Loss)

Receive a pair of dumbbells 8-10 pounds (women) and 10 to 20 Pounds (guys). This workout is much like the one above. Apart from working out your legs throughout the fast segments, you are also going to be exercising on your upper body working with the dumbbells.

This will require more effort but it is currently going to speed up weight loss and build up endurance. You are likely to be left breathless and likely feel as though burning, but it’s part of the process and so is very beneficial for your body.

It’s acceptable to give your upper body a rest throughout the workout however, but your legs have to be constantly moving. Exercise your upper body the moment you have recovered.

Set your bike on manual mode and adjust your levels as indicated below.

8802 minacross the body punches
10702 min
12602 minshoulder press
4701 min
9802 minside raise
11702 min
13802 minalternating shoulder press
4702 min
10802 minfront raise
12702 min
14602 minupright row
8701 min
8904 minalternating triceps,  curl & biceps

4. Build Resistance and Endurance

The effective workout focuses on resistance building and endurance. Similar to the above workouts this one is going to leave you feeling breathless. However, it’s helpful for your body. Select manual mode on the exercise bike and adjust the levels in line with the guide below.

8905 minutes
11804 minutes
13653 minutes
15502 minutes
2501 minutes
12804 minutes
14653 minutes
16502 minutes
2501 minutes

These workouts could be modified so that it is much better suited to the type of recumbent bike workouts you prefer.

When the workouts are difficult, increase the recovery time or reduce the levels. If they’re too easy, increase the levels or in the workout no 2, you can add on the dumbbell weight. Under no circumstances should you cut back on the recovery time as it’s an integral part of the workout.

5. Use Preset Workouts 

If you have got a digital or computerised stationary recumbent bike, then it probably will come with a lot of preset workouts. Simply choose one of the presets and it should let you do various types of exercises to burn excess pounds and lose weight.


Cycling on a recumbent bikes helps you to build fitness without hurting your joints. Some of the benefits are:

Knees – Cycling helps the knee joint stay naturally lubricated and also strengthen the quads, which is beneficial if you have knee pain. Strengthening the muscles around the knee and giving it more support can help reduce pain.

Cross-training –While running or walking work on the hamstrings at the back of the leg while cycling works on the quads in the front.

Low-impact- You won’t have any impact on the joints, which is important if you have problems with your knees or hips. It is also good for people with chronic back pain.

Convenience- You can work out inside disregarding the traffic or weather. Do not need to go to the gym anymore.

Variety- Most stationary bikes have programs to follow and you can also use the above plans.

Tips for Working on a Recumbent Bike for Beginners

woman working out on a recumbent stationary bike

A recumbent stationary bike is going to effectively burn pounds and calories if it’s used properly. The routines above must be followed but in addition, you need to think about the following factors to ensure you’re getting the maximum from your bike.

Proper Seat Adjustment –A seat, unlike a cycle’s paddle, is intended to support the rider’s butt and back, usually in a lower-reclined position. Adjusting your bike’s seat literally takes only seconds. This really is one of the fundamental aspects of recumbent bike weight loss training but a lot of people ignore it.

An uncomfortable seat makes it difficult or impossible to perform the workouts over, and it will not make the workout routines a thing to be desired. Sitting for prolonged periods in an uncomfortable seat may result in injuries.

A very good news is the majority of bikes enable you to adjust the seat. The process generally involves sliding the seat back or forward till you are comfortable with it. This may take under a minute and you’re going to feel much more comfortable when using it.

Everyone has their own comfort level therefore use your feelings as the guide. Many people need their legs to have a bit of a bend once extended about the bike’s pedaling cycle. However, you might prefer it a different way so go with what you are comfortable with.

Stretching Helps -There is no need for an elaborate explanation as before performing any type of workout, be that on your exercise bike, doing some stretches to warm your legs, spine, shoulders, arms and the rest of the body is always a good idea.

Warming Up on the Recumbent Bike –Some people prefer to get in the bike workout after they perform the above stretches. Others prefer to perform an additional 5 minute workout in the exercise bike. Personally I believe it is best if you do the extra 5 minutes as it makes your body prepared for the routine.

Apart from becoming the muscles loose and ready, all these warm ups increase the body’s internal temperature, and that’s essential for a great workout.

Assume Proper Form – This is something I can’t stress enough. Each of the Workouts that you do in your exercise bike will probably be useless if you do not have the correct posture. This applies not only to exercise bikes but also aerobics, warm ups, yoga and other types of workouts. If you do not possess the appropriate pose, then you won’t receive the benefits and may even be the reason behind injury.

Before you consider increasing the reps for your workouts stated previously, pay attention to form and posture first. Only commence with the workouts when you’re sure the position is fine. This is to prevent an injury but also to be certain you lose weight and burn fat.

Proceed with the Right Resistance – A few of those that are new to recumbent bikes don’t have any idea what resistance level to go for. Some use too much and some use too light, neither of that will assist you.

There’s no need to set the resistance level also high because it isn’t unlikely to hasten your weight loss. If not, setting the level too high may lead to a knee injury and hinder progress. That said you do not want to make the resistance too light since it defeats the purpose of your workout.

Instead what you need to do is select the best resistance level that you’re able to utilize consistently. Pedal and determine just how much resistance you’re able to handle. When you are comfortable with the current level that is when you raise this up.

The purpose of these pedals would be to give the legs a good workout, but if done correctly as indicated from the workouts above you will receive benefits for the rest of the body. You will not only lose weight but also build muscles and then toe them.

Duration –I stressed this earlier but it bears repeating. You must set the HIIT intervals in the duration that is possible for you to complete. In the majority of HIIT workouts the duration is very comparable to that which I mentioned previously, but you ought to change things up. This is no different from setting up resistance.

Aim for Consistency – As you’ll be going full blast for a minute and slowing down to 30 seconds alternately, do your very best to become consistent. In other words, pedal as hard as possible for your one minute working period and maintain at a moderate pace throughout the slow portion.

Keep Track of progress- Keep a journal and take note of how many pounds you lose each week, just how long that interval training is, how many seconds or minutes you have been in a position to add to your routines and so forth. Use a notebook or an app. It is completely your decision.

What matters is that you simply keep track so you’ll understand how you’re performing and what adjustments need to be made. This is one of the utmost effective methods of keeping you motivated. For many days when it feels so hard, just get on your exercise bike, check your progress which will spurn you.

Work on other Areas – Is it sufficient for beginners to learn how to use a recumbent bike to lose weight? But you are going to want to work out on other parts of the body so you will appear proportional. As you might have guessed, all these bikes focus mostly on your legs, however there are means to exercise the rest of your body, i.e. lift dumbbells while riding the bike.

Diet is crucial- What is the purpose of burning those calories if you are going to put all of them back on? That’s the reason you need to go to a healthy diet plan to complement your diet and exercise.

Required Accessories before you begin

Sweat Vests:

  • Study by WSCU, sweating during workout not just provides an awesome feeling but also have great health benefits.
  • It burn more burns fat and fast-tracks weight Loss also this type of Aerobic fitness reduce blood Sugar Levels.

Training Shoes:

  • Study by WSCU, sweating during workout not just provides an awesome feeling but also have great health benefits.
  • It burn more burns fat and fast-tracks weight Loss also this type of Aerobic fitness reduce blood Sugar Levels.

Final Words

By following the recumbent bike workout for beginners provided above you are likely to lose weight a lot more efficiently than you believed possible.

It will not happen overnight but give it time and you’ll reap the benefits of your labour guaranteed.

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