10 Best Low Profile Treadmills For Low Ceilings & Basements [2022]

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Woman riding on a Low Profile Treadmill

Looking for the best treadmills for low ceilings? you will need a low profile treadmill that allows you to jog uninterrupted. The chances are that only a feather above 7-feet is your basement ceiling, while you stand 6’1″. Perhaps you live in a low-ceilinged apartment. Either way, without worrying about the top of your head burrowing into the lower ceiling,

While low profile treadmills have a lot of options, it is important to find one that will fit in your home. After all, when you take into account your height and the machine combined, treadmills tend to be much taller than most people think.

Are you hoping to run on the incline setting? If you are serious about the routine of kick-starting workouts, do not let your room’s low ceiling deter your resolution for a healthier lifestyle. Some of the options for the best treadmills for low ceilings are below, so you can find one that will fit your home exactly.

Top 10 Best Low Profile Treadmills You Can Buy Right Now





  • Best Low Profile Option

  • Space saving treadmill

  • Max Capcity: 220 lbs

  • Top Speed: 8 mph

  • Good build quality

  • Treadmill for low ceiling

  • Max Capcity: 300 lbs

  • Top Speed: 10 mph

  • Best budget

  • Max Capcity: 250 lbs

  • Top Speed: 10 mph

  • Deck Height: 5.5"

  • Lower to the floor design

  • Max Capcity: 265 lbs

  • Top Speed: 8.7 mph

  • Deck Height: 3.25"

  • Thin compact treadmill

  • Max Capcity: 260 lbs

  • Top Speed: 7.5 mph

  • Sturdy space-saving design

  • Max Capcity: 220 lbs

  • Top Speed: 4 mph

  • Low Deck Height Treadmill

  • Max Capcity: 250 lbs

  • Top Speed: 9 mph

  • Deck height: 3"

  • Lightweight & foldable

  • Max Capcity: 265 lbs

  • Top Speed: 7.5 mph

  • Compact folding treadmill

  • Max Capcity: 265 lbs

  • Top Speed: 9.3 mph

  • Ultra-Wide Treadmill

  • Max Speed: 7.5 mph

  • Max Capacity: 265 lbs.

  • Low step up height 

  • Max Capacity: 300 lbs.

  • Top Speed: 12 mph

  • Portable size

  • Max Capcity: 265 lbs

  • Top Speed: 8 mph

  • Step-up height: 6"

  • Max Capcity: 220 lbs

  • Top Speed: 10 mph

  • Deck Height: 6"

How to Find Out if the Low Profile Treadmill Will Fit in Your Low Ceiling Space

In general, treadmills are big machines, but in your low-ceiling space, you can get the ones that will fit. 

It is not always advertised or easy to find the dimensions you need, plus there are a lot of variables, including incline settings, user height, and true ceiling height. But if you are trying to find a low deck height treadmill, here are some basic things to look for:

Room Height: Floor to Ceiling Height

In an American home, the average ceiling is 9 feet tall. This is plenty of space for most treadmill models. But you would not be here if you had normal or above-average ceilings.

Get a tape and measure the true height between your room’s floors to ceilings. The room where you are going to put your new treadmill should be tall enough to comfortably fit one. Most probably, it will be 7 or 8 feet if it is short.

Height of All Potential and Tallest Users

It is necessary to remember this. If you are 5′ 2′′ vs. 6′ 2′′, the experience of fitting a treadmill in the basement or other low ceiling room would be entirely different.

Who is going to be using the treadmill? How much space do you need to accommodate the tallest user? 

To work out effectively, you have to buy a treadmill that can fit in a room with the height of the tallest users plus the height of the deck, and then with around 5 inches of clearance.

The height of the person who uses a treadmill is of equal importance to the height of the treadmill. The tallest user’s height will serve as the major checkpoint. The best way to decide whether the treadmill is of the right height is to simply calculate to see if you have enough ceiling height for your treadmill.

  1. Measure treadmill’s deck height
  2. Measuring the height of the room
  3. The height of the tallest person who uses the same treadmill.  
  4. Attach an additional 6.1
  5. As long as there is a gap ([X]>= 0) between the tallest user running on a treadmill and the ceilings of the room, this treadmill is suitable for your low ceilings room.

[X]>= 0, Where X= Ceilings height – (deck height + tallest user height + 15.25 cm)

This guarantees that the head when exercising on the treadmill does not bump into the ceilings. You should swap the height of the deck with the gap between your floor and the top of your deck if your treadmill has an incline option.

Normally, it goes up an additional 4″-5″ from when the treadmill is completely inclined in regular cases.

Deck Height

The deck height is the measurement between the floors and the running area of the treadmill. It is a popular attribute that should be concentrated on when buying a low step-up height treadmill. Usually, it is about 8 inches.

When it comes to purchasing a low profile treadmill, the deck height, or step-up height, is probably the first thing you have to remember. You do not want a treadmill that would make you step up and make the tallest user feel like their head is scrapping the ceiling. Measure the tallest person, add them to the total height of the deck, and then add another 5″‘ or so to account for some additional clearance.

Running Surface or Deck Area

The running surface is another important thing you need to look at when you are shopping for the best treadmill for low ceilings.

The running surface should be strong, robust, and exuberant. A combination of high-quality PVCs, heavy steel, and foam is what most of the running deck is made of. To carry on with the exercises for adequate durations, the running space must be long and comfortable.


Although you can certainly save money with a barebones treadmill, the truth of the matter is that you deserve more bang for your buck. Seek treadmill features such as cup holders, heart rate monitors, foldable speakers, and other features 

This is purely an individual decision. Some may be satisfied with the simplest frame, while others will want to get various additional accessories such as holders, consoles, customizability, etc.


Find a treadmill that is made and can last with good materials. All other characteristics are just in vain without long-lasting capability. Treadmills with greater tensile strength can cost more, but to save a few pennies do not compromise with longevity characteristics; otherwise, you will end up regretting later.

There is a great proverb that expensive things make you cry once, but cheap items make you cry forever.

Our Top Picks for Low Profile Treadmill

1. MaxKare Folding Treadmill – Best Overall Low Profile Option

MaxKare Folding Treadmill-best value low profile treadmill

Best features

  • Budget-friendly treadmill.
  • Sturdy frame made of stainless steel.
  • 220 lbs. max weight capacity.
  • Driven by a copper motor of 2.5 HP.
  • Foldable design with basic controls.
  • Handrail with an integrated display for the heart rate.
  • LCD screen with all the fundamental stats.
  • 3- Level manual incline.
  • Top speed of 8.5 mph.
  • Deck Height: 6″

Budget-priced treadmills are either too poorly built to maintain daily, intense workouts or lack simple features, such as an incline setting or a display console.

These boxes are both ticked by the MaxKare folding treadmill. It is shaped like a tank and has almost all the features that people normally look for when shopping for low profile folding treadmill.

It features a 16 “wide and 43″ long tread deck for noise absorption and cushioning for the joints with a multi-layer structure. For full-stride sprints, the 43” length might not be optimal. Yet it is more than enough for both light jogging and low-intensity workouts.

During your workouts, the stainless steel tubing frame remains rock steady without creaking or shaking, and it has a max load capacity of 220 lbs.

A 2.5HP copper motor that helps you to ramp up from 0.5 mph to 8.5 mph in controlled increments. On the handrails, the speed controls are mounted, which also includes an integrated heart rate monitor to monitor your vital sign.

The LCD control is fairly streamlined and gives you all the knowledge you need in a bright and succinct way. There is no clutter, and it is as easy as pressing a button to select functions, such as the 15 onboard exercise programs.

You can pick it up to fold it for storage when you are finished using it. A soft drop mechanism prevents damage when unfolding and also smoothly unfolds it.

Overall, the MaxKare Folding Treadmill is very impressive to us. If you are looking to sprint at full speed, it may not be the most feature-rich option or the best one. But it beats much of the competition with identical costs.

2. Proform 905-CST Treadmill

Proform 905-CST Treadmill-low profile treadmill

Best features

  • The highly cushioned running deck for reduced noise.
  • 5″ Backlit Display.
  • Foldaway space-saving design
  • Max speed of 12mph.
  • 22 workout apps, and iFit coach, Bluetooth.
  • Included heart rate sensor.
  • Wider running deck.
  • iPod compatible, excellent warranty.
  • Deck Height: 8″ (adjustable to ~13″)

If you are aiming for a high-end investment in a low profile treadmill for your home, then you have found it. Let us talk about the price because it is the first thing you are going to see. It is certainly the highest price point on our list, so if you are going to buy it, be ready to make a significant investment.

That being said, this thing is filled with features that will make every penny you spend well worth the investment.

This unit is extremely durable for starters and made from steel and plastics. The box would have you swearing the whole time because it weighs only 218 pounds, but it can accommodate a person weighing 350 pounds. We cannot emphasize how powerful this system is.

If you feel like it, you will be able to crank this thing up to 12 mph, giving you a perfect way to do sprints on a treadmill. For such a large piece of equipment, the deck is 8 “off the ground, which is remarkably big, and it comes with the advantage of having shock cushioning built into the machine deck.” The height of the deck is adjustable to 13.5″ for further shock absorption.

When you run on this machine, you will not feel like you are slamming your joints on the ground. Best of all, the smooth “ProShox” deck of the machine will ensure that your neighbors or other family members do not get sick of the sound of you running because it muffles a reasonable amount of the sound.

The nice monitor that comes with it is another thing to keep in mind with this treadmill. This LCD display will show you the fitness program you are using, velocity, heart rate, distance, calories burned, and more. It is an awesome way to get live feedback on the results of your exercise.

You get a lot of tiny accessories that will make the experience of your workout easier. You have got fans to keep you cool, Bluetooth connectivity for your music, a heart rate monitor to attach, and more.

Lastly and most importantly, for those of us living in smaller spaces, when not in use, the deck folds away. That is right; you can take full advantage of a full treadmill without having to think about living with it in the way of your life. Tuck this away in a nook/corner and when you do not use it.

Better still, the company offers manufacturers three-year warranties for the frame, engine, and desk, ensuring you can run hundreds (or thousands) of miles without worrying.

3. XTERRA Fitness TR150 Low Profile Treadmill with Incline

XTERRA Fitness TR150 Folding Treadmill-our cheapest low profile treadmill

Best features

  • 16-inch wide and 50-inch long running surface.
  • 3-manual incline settings that can raise the height.
  • LCD console that displays distance, velocity, time, and calories.
  • 12 built-in workout programs.
  • 250 lbs max load capacity.
  • 2.25 HP Flywheel motor for smooth belt movement.
  • Top speed of up to 10 MPH with micro speed increments.
  • Deck Height: 5.5″ (Extremely Low Profile)

In this list of best treadmills for low ceilings, the Xterra Fitness TR150 has one of the lowest deck heights. It has three manual incline settings that increase the height of the deck by up to 2 degrees in increments of 0.5 degrees, especially at the front of the deck.

But if the incline feature is rarely used, this is one of the smallest profile designs you will ever come across.

The Xterra Fitness TR150 features a 16 “wide and 50” long-running board. A little smaller than our # 1 choice, but for small spaces and basements, a great option.

The frame is made of stainless steel and can accommodate a load of 250 lbs. It is built very robustly, and there are no wobbles or squeaking sounds, which is a prevalent issue for cheap treadmills.

You have a 2.25 HP motor under the hood, which is certainly not a professional treadmill built for runners but has adequate strength to handle long jogging and running sessions without overheating.

For a simple treadmill at this price point, the flywheel system ensures that the belt moves smoothly, and you can select a speed between 0.5 MPH and 10 MPH, which is amazing.

It does not have a stylish console with a touchscreen. Alternatively, there is an LCD monitor that keeps you aware of the time spent on it, the distance traveled, the speed setting you are using, the calories burned thus far, and the pulse.

Even during a jog, all the controls are based on the console and are easy to navigate. There are 12 exercise programs on board, during which the treadmill speed is automatically raised to make it more difficult. All in all, if you have ample clearance for the incline, the TR150 is a fantastic option.

4. ASUNA Space Saving Low Profile Folding Treadmill

Sunny Health & Fitness Asuna Space Saving Treadmill-low profile foldable treadmil

Best features

  • 3.5 mm built-in headphone port.
  • Includes integrated speakers and tablet holders, as well.
  • With the on-console buttons, pick from 0.6 to 8 MPH easily and rapidly.
  • 2 MPH and 4 MPH Fast Speed Selection Controls.
  • Top Speed of 8 mph.
  • It comes in fully assembled.
  • 4.5 “folded thickness, can be stored under a bed.
  • Durable deck – Shock absorption supports users up to 220 lbs.

ASUNA Treadmill can be folded totally flat. The treadmill has a design that is so low profile that when not in use, the treadmill can easily be folded and slipped under a bed.

Try to find a better compact treadmill with a lower profile than this one. Do not be fooled, however, by the compact size, as this treadmill can carry a maximum load of 220 pounds.

Running may be perfect for weight loss and toning, but there is no denying that the joint feels rough. And this is precisely why this particular model features technology for cushioning that helps alleviate this burden.

When you push against the shock-adsorption running deck, the running board was explicitly designed to reduce the effect on the joints. Combine this with the powerful motor of 2.5 peak horsepower, and you’re looking at a machine that will take your fitness where it has never been before.It is one of the best low profile treadmills.

5. Goplus 2 in 1 Folding Treadmill

Goplus 2 in 1 Folding Treadmill-most compact low profile treadmill for low ceilings

Best features

  • Simple and user-friendly to assemble.
  • 2-in-1 (can be put flat or used with arms raised).
  • The lightweight, foldable design makes it simple to store and perfect for small spaces.
  • Speaker with Bluetooth, phone holder, Remote Control Simple to adapt to.
  • 5-inch bright LED display.
  • 12 programs for preset workouts.
  • Three incline options.

This treadmill is very small and lightweight, which makes it perfect for a little apartment. The 2-in-1 folding treadmill has an LED display that displays your stats clearly so that you can track your progress in real-time and comes with a Bluetooth speaker, phone holder, and remote control to allow you to operate it and play music while exercising.

The lightweight, foldable design and built-in transport wheels allow movement and storage. Take heed that, even with the wheels, this treadmill is heavy and a little hard to move. It is made for smaller rooms, so it has a short and narrow track and is not suitable for taller individuals. For it to lie absolutely flat, you have to remove the arms, and it’s a little expensive.

This 2-in-1 treadmill will lie flat and work at slower walking speeds or at higher walking, jogging, and running speeds with raised arms. To protect your joints when you work out, it features a powerful, quiet motor and a shock reduction system.

It even has a safety clip, and if you fall off the track, it will instantly stop. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a lightweight, portable workout machine that can be stored easily.

6. NordicTrack T Series Treadmill (6.5Si)

NordicTrack T 6.5i Treadmill-best treadmill for low ceilings

Best features

  • Compact footprint with a running deck.
  • 2.6 CHP Industrial DurX plus Motor.
  • 73″ when vertically folded.
  • 20 workouts onboard.
  • FlexSelect Cushioning under the deck for activating shock absorption.
  • 10″ Touchscreen monitor.
  • On the left and right-hand rails, simple controls.
  • Free 1-year iFit membership and for the frame, lifetime warranty.
  • Deck Height: 8″ – Low Profile

The NordicTrack T-Series Treadmills with an 8-inch step-up is great for small spaces with low ceilings. The T-Series range of NordicTrack is very wide, but we find that the 6.5Si, the entry-level option, is the best combination of features and pricing.

They have a very sleek design for starters and a small footprint that makes it incredibly easy to fit into almost every basement gym with a low ceiling.

The running deck is 20 “wide and 55” long, allowing even a tall customer to use their full step while jogging without feeling limited.

It can be folded after use, and it stands only 73 “long. Unfortunately, there are no casters that can help raise the deck under it. Most individuals will have no problems moving it to a corner of the room for storage with the lightweight but incredibly durable frame.

It features a commercial 2.6 CHP DurX plus motor under the hood, which runs butter smooth without producing noise. If you use it constantly, it auto-cools, and this saves it from overheating or crashing halfway through a workout.

We really like the FlexSelect Cushioning feature, which makes the running surface spongy by triggering a collection of shock absorbers under the deck. This feature can make it easier to walk on the ground if you have creaky joints. 

You have an interactive 10-inch touchscreen monitor on the left, which shows you everything from the important details to preset workouts. For easy access, the controls are located on the left and right-hand rails.

7. MaxKare Electric Folding Treadmill

MaxKare Electric Folding Treadmill-best low profile treadmill for runners

Best features

  • The flat-folding treadmill has a wide walking and running section, plus you can change the incline.
  • The control panel is easy to navigate using touch buttons.
  • Wide LCD display for settings and stats tracking.
  • Any of the 15 preset workout programs can also be simply configured.
  • There is a decent 2.5 HP copper motor on the cheapest portable treadmill.
  • Simple speed adjustment via the armrest controls.

For modern users, a high-powered, compact folding treadmill is important. The MaxKare Folding Treadmill is easy to move instead of carrying a rough, overbearing treadmill that is hard to travel around.

For those who want the right balance between strength, efficiency, and effectiveness without having a gym membership, this makes it an appealing option.

The price is what makes this unique foldable treadmill attractive. It could be the best treadmill under 500.

With its state-of-the-art multi-layer tread belt, MaxKare has stepped far and beyond. To help minimize the amount of stress exerted on the joints of an individual, this belt is synced with an anti-shock system.

Users can switch through 15 predefined programs easily and/or change their speed settings, depending on what is needed at that moment.

This treadmill provides users with the ability to adjust to increasing the angle of the belt across three different incline settings.

8. Goplus Under Desk Walking Treadmill

Goplus Under Desk Electric Treadmill-most compact low profile treadmill for low ceilings

Best features

  • Steel and ABS frame.
  • 1 HP Motor.
  • Adjustable Speed: 0.5-4 MPH.
  • Weight capacity: 220 LBS.
  • 12 Programs to choose from.
  • Small remote Sits under any standing desk.
  • Good size walking platform which does not take up too much room.
  • Slides under a bed when not in use.
  • Rubber feet beneath the deck increase cushioning belt.

This is the best low profile treadmill for a desk. The benefit of this is that you can use any adjustable height desk that fits on top. The Goplus is a common, well-priced machine that can be a more functional, compact size that supports up to 220 pounds.

The belt around the Goplus walking treadmill is much thinner, but your desk choices are expanded by this. “Using a 6” step-up height, the total surface area is 51.5 “by 23.5”. The walking belt is 41 “long by 17” wide. Using 12 pre-programmed exercise settings, you have a good speed range of 0.5 – 4 mph.

In order to pick a program, an electronic console at the top of the treadmill deck has a Touchscreen monitor to correct speed. For reduced friction and improved travel, eight rubber columns under the deck gently raise the treadmill off the floor, which provides cushioning underfoot.

Also, support feet on the front add just a bit of an incline. 2 front-mounted wheels also allow it to move easily. The Goplus Under desk treadmill is an excellent option for users that wish to put a treadmill under an existing deck.

9. GYMAX 2 in 1 Folding Low Profile Treadmill

GYMAX 2 in 1 Folding Low Profile Treadmill-most affordable low profile treadmill

Best features

  • Sturdy built
  • Easy to setup
  • Safe and smooth tread mat
  • Quiet motor
  • Remote controlled
  • Portable size
  • User-friendly instruction manual
  • The solid steel frame ensures total durability
  • A non-slip shock absorption belt prevents slips and is easy on the joints
  • Excellent customer support

The treadmill only measures 46 x 20 x 43 and can be folded up to 9 x 23 x 52 inches. The treadmill only uses a limited amount of room when folded, which makes it an ideal low profile home treadmill. 

It features a trendy round display with more than the necessary features. The middle round monitor helps runners to track anything in the distance they have run, calories burned.

The conveniently placed operation panel on the monitor makes it easy to create the requisite changes or take advantage of a few of those 12 built-in programs. The built-in security key gives you peace of mind.

10. EFITMENT Slimline Low Profile Treadmill

EFITMENT Slimline Motorized Treadmill -best budget low profile treadmill

Best features

  • Deck Height is only 4.5”
  • Max speed is 7.5 mph
  • Bluetooth and Speakers
  • Console with displays for heart rate, distance, and speed
  • Quiet motor
  • Folding treadmill
  • Portable size
  • Max Incline of 1.75%

The EFITMENT Slimline is definitely a strong pick for basements with low ceilings and has an ultra-low profile. It can support 220 lbs. individuals without a problem on the treadmill.

You get a console that shows the speed, heart rate, distance traveled, and other data to make sure there are no games to guess.

Yet, on this treadmill, there is also an extra accessory, and that is the Bluetooth and headphones. It has a top speed of 7.5 mph, so you should be able to get some really decent cardio if you don’t want to do Olympic trial runs on the treadmill.

The treadmill can be on the more compact side, but it can satisfy most users. There is, however, the added bonus of shock cushioning on the treadmill that will save your joints while you work out. Combined with the lower-end price point, both of these elements amount to a really powerful machine.

It’s a great choice for people who want a low-profile treadmill that will help them out for a long time with so many features. For portability, it also comes with wheels and also folds up relatively flat for better storage.

Buying Guide for Low Profile Treadmill

There’s no doubt that the height of the treadmill is most important when you’re looking for one that can fit in a basement with a low ceiling.

But evidently, there is more to a quality treadmill than just deck height. 

Frame and warranty

Most treadmill frames are made of stainless steel tubing and are very durable. Budget-priced is the ones. Nonetheless, you should ensure that the one you choose is able to endure the intended use without wiggling. 

Have you ever heard of dancing on this treadmill? That is when, with you running on the deck at full steam, the treadmill begins to move mysteriously. Not funny, we’re just informing you.

In the middle of this exercise, a heavy, solid treadmill would not wobble, creak in the joints, or decide to have a run.

Deck width and running surface

How big is the surface that you want to walk and work comfortably?

This depends on the size of the individual who often uses it as their personal preference. To be the sweet spot, we find around 17″, but there are smaller users who can walk on a 15″ deck comfortably.

If you are a tall and heavy user trying to work at the best speed, a 20″ wide surface will be needed.

Furthermore, you’re going to have to decide where you’re going to install it. Do you have a small basement and want a smaller treadmill? Or do you have enough room to put it, but with low ceilings?

Additional features

Big treadmill brands will also focus on features you’re never able to use.

Such as the size of this console or Bluetooth speakers, the incline feature, or onboard workout programs.

Do not get fooled by those features of luxury.


700 dollars is the average price for a good treadmill, and the budget-priced option would look exactly the same at first glance.

Yet there’s a world of quality differences.

The cheap treadmills don’t last long. Horror tales of a running deck can be found cracking halfway through a workout, the engine is overheated, or even on fire.

You don’t want a luxurious treadmill to actually get a workout using a big screen and interactive workout programs, but you also need to ensure that you’re not getting a load of garbage.

Do a favor to yourself and buy a good treadmill made to last. Don’t waste your hard-earned cash on garbage that will conk off a few months from now.

Which One of These Low Profile Treadmills should you buy?

Which among our low profile treadmills would be the ideal fit for your home? We recommend the followings Sole F80 and Weslo Cadence G 5.9i Folding Treadmill

Best Treadmill for Low Ceilings: Concluding Thoughts

Hopefully, you can clearly see that when shopping for a treadmill, there are many things to consider.

It really comes down to your personal priorities, though. Before even searching for a treadmill, knowing exactly what you want will speed up the whole process and ensure that you find what you are looking for.

You want a treadmill for a low ceiling that makes maintenance as quickly as possible and hassle-free. You will want a manufacturer who is prepared to stand behind their products.

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