Is an Exercise Bike Good for Weight Loss?

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Is an exercise bike good for weight loss?

In the gym, you will find too many cardio machines, but which one do you want to use? The exercise bike is a common alternative and an excellent way to get healthy, fit and increase your cardiovascular capabilities. This is specially true for the recumbent bike with upper body workout functionalities.

Is an exercise bike good for weight loss, though? Yes, if your aim is weight loss, exercise bikes are a great choice. The exercise bike loses calories and helps to build a caloric deficit required for weight loss. For a moderate 30-minute ride on a stationary training bike, the average person would use 260 calories and can add to the total weight loss objectives.

In this article we would clarify why exercise bikes are preferable to other types of workouts, exactly how much calories you can expect to burn depending on different variables, and how weight loss is done by exercise bike.

Why Is Riding an Exercise Bike Good for Weight Loss?

From running and walking to blinking and even simply breathing, all that the body does is fueled by calories. It also governs whether you are going to boost, lose or keep the same weight.

Everyone has a certain amount of calories that they use and burn per day, based on factors such as gender and age, enough to work normally.

Your sustaining calories are the amount of calories to be consumed to help you function and retain the same weight in your daily life, i.e. remain the same.

Now, a caloric deficit is expected when it comes to weight loss. This means you get to consume less calories than your body wants. So a manageable caloric deficit will mean that you can only take between 1500-1700 calories if you manage calories 2000 a day.

The workout burns calories and so you add to the deficit you use to lose weight while you work out.

How Much Calories on an Exercise Bike Can I Burn?

The amount of calories that can be burnt from a workout depends on the intensity of your training, the duration of your training and your weight. For a modest 30 minute spin on a stationary exercise bike, the average person can burn 260 calories.

How good is an exercise bike for weight loss?


The first is ease. Stationary bikes need only a room that is wide enough to accommodate one in. This could be in your dining room, bedroom or workshop. This means you can use them whenever you wish, regardless of the weather outside.


If you choose to cycle, but don’t want to go on the roads, then the perfect alternative is indoor exercise bikes. Without having to contend with dangers like cars, pedestrians and even other cyclists, you can cycle in the safety of your own home. Plus, there would not be an issue with weather barriers, so there is no reason to think about damp or slick roads or dim vision.

Low Impact

Another argument why stationary bikes are good for reducing weight is that it is an exercise with low impacts. This suggests that they are not hard like most workouts on the joints or ligaments. If you are concerned about your joints, particularly your knees, an exercise bike is perfect. For those who still have issues and need to strengthen their knees, it is also advised.

Improved Cardio Health

Exercise bikes help to boost the levels of aerobic fitness and stamina. A healthy heart also ensures you can pump your blood and supply oxygen more easily throughout your body so you have better lung capacity. You can cycle longer, quicker and heavier. 

Lower Body Workout

It won’t come as a surprise that exercise bikes will do wonders when it comes to improving the lower body. It works the legs, especially the quads and calves.

Good Mood

Like others, exercise bikes are great to make you feel good, if not all. It alleviates tension, frustration, anxiety and can be carried out on the pedal. Cycling activates endorphins, which produce this high level of post-training we all know and enjoy.

Types of bikes to choose

Which bike do you choose? Although there are several, three major types of exercise bikes are available.

1. Recumbent 

The recumbent bike is fitted with a wide seat and a backrest. You don’t have to hold the handles, but if you like, there are bars on each side of the bench. There is much less weight on the upper body, particularly the hands, compared to the upright bike.

The recumbent bike is an excellent option for beginners or for those who just need an alternative with a low impact.

2. Upright

The upright bike is more akin to a cycling bike. The pedals are under the body and have a narrower seat. You will use this bike to sit down or get up. As a consequence, not only the legs work, but also the heart.

For longer workouts, the smaller seat can be awkward and the upright bike does add more weight on the hands and wrists, however.

3.  Combo bikes

Thanks to its long handlebars which travel back and forth with the pedals, the exercise bike and elliptical combo machines are the most demanding bike for the advanced or cycling enthusiasts.

Appropriate Form to use

As always, it is important to ensure that you’re training with proper form. Although there are different bikes, the basic shape applies that you can then change to accommodate each bike style. Do not forget how minor changes will make a major difference here and there, not just for your health and safety, but also for your own convenience.

So, Is Using an Exercise Bike Good for Weight Loss?

For weight loss, Exercise bikes are great because they keep you going and losing calories, which in turn helps build or sustain a calorie deficit. It’s a handy unit, which takes not only minimum space, but also performs wonders without taking too much time.

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