How to Reset Treadmill without A Screen?

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If the electronic components of your treadmill do not operate the way they do or have been maintained in the past years, you may need to reset it. If yours is a treadmill with a tv screen or no TV screen, the reset process is a fast one.

There are a variety of times when you may have to reset your treadmill. You may want to go back to the factory default after making any changes. You may have made some repairs, and a reset is necessary. Perhaps part of the machine has stopped working, and part of the on or off routine is to reset it and see how it solves a problem.

All you need to do is press the reset button on your treadmill, and a couple of other keys, and you’re ready to go. However, the type of machine you are using will decide the way of carrying out the process. First of all, I’d suggest you’re going to refer to your machine manual to save some time and bother. Reset of a treadmill is typically very quick and can require holding down a few keys for a few seconds, and then the software executes a reset.

Step to Reset the Treadmill for 11 Different Manufacturer

Freemotion: Get first from the startup menu in the Settings mode. Go to the “I” icon on the button left corner of your screen. You need to enter maintenance mode from here by clicking the maintenance button again in the lower-left corner. Then you have all kinds of functions you can execute by clicking the selection where it is shown, including the factory reset.

Bowflex: Press the ENTER and POWER keys and hold them for 3 seconds. This takes the treadmill in inactive mode. From here you can view all of the functions, see the user manual for each and how to access them.

Switch on the treadmill for the BXT series and enter the power-up mode. Keep the pause or stop and decrease button for 3 seconds in this mode to enter the settings of the machine. From here, you can make an array of choices by pushing up or down. One of the solutions is a reset console.

Horizon Fitness: Press the end button to make sure nothing is going on the machine. When it is stopped, press and hold the stop key for 3 sec, and the reset will take place.

Cybex: The on or off switch at the front of the motor hood. Switch it on is going to put it in dormant mode. The setup menu can be accessed by clicking the “Clear 750” button on the keypad.

NordicTrack: Identify the reset hole or button at the bottom of the console. You will need a Q: tip or the like to press the button. Pressing the button will execute the reset. Also if you have a console with iFit then rest it using this guide.

Precor: There is an on or off switch beneath the hood by the power cord. Turn it off for 30 seconds, and turn it back on. A reset button is given to some versions. Others require the programming mode that is accessible by pressing reset. 

Xterra Fitness:  Press and keep it for 3 seconds, and then reset happens. Many treadmills have a reset button, or the console back has the opening you can use. If this does not work, the on or off button or unplugging the device will result in a reset.

Life Fitness: There is a reset button on certain versions. Most of them have diagnostic features that include a range of different codes for each model. The model and diagnostic code for the treadmills can be found on their website, which varies for virtually every treadmill they make.

Nautilus: The built-in diagnostic feature can be activated by pressing the speed: UP, & ENTER. You can measure different parts of the treadmill in this mode. Review the manual and see which one you can navigate and how to get started. When the diagnosis is over, press the CLEAR button.

Proform: These are produced by the same manufacturer and have identical software and parts of the NordicTrack treadmills. Under the console, find the reset hole or button. You will need a Q: tip or the like to press the button. When pressed, it will execute the reset.

Sole Fitness: Press and hold the stop key for about 3 seconds, and the reset will take place.

Ultimately, the owner’s manual is designed to instruct you how to reset. If you can’t find it or don’t have a manual, so all the suppliers will upload it on their website. So a simple search is usually going to find what you’re searching for. Often you get results with a simple phone call.

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