How to Burn More Calories on the Elliptical?

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How to Burn More Calories on the Elliptical

Keep reading for useful tips if you want suggestions about how to lose weight with your elliptical machine.

How can I use the Elliptical Machine for Weight Loss?

An elliptical machine is ideal for burning fat and calories, as I just said. The elliptical trainer can burn a more significant number of calories relative to other cardio machines you see in the gym, such as a StairMaster, an exercise bike, or a rowing machine.

So it’s important to know how to do it properly before doing this. The elliptical machine is the most misused machine, according to LiveStrong and many other sites, mostly because people don’t know how to use the device effectively.

The thing is, although it helps you to shift your legs and arms with some resistance, it is widely found that while using it, people appear to “slack” off. Personally, as opposed to where I have my cardio done, I have mostly applied it as a form of warmup.

Fortunately, as I have improved my fitness expertise, it is apparent that an elliptical machine is an invaluable tool for increasing your stamina and weight loss.

Appropriate Type

Maintain a proper shape to make the best out of your elliptical trainer. A misguided pose will get you nowhere. Stand high; your head should be above your shoulders, drawing your hips a straight line.

Pace and Resistance

Adapt your speed and/or resistance to your specifications. To optimize your calorie burn, this is what will bring your heart rate up. Try to stop accelerating so much as this will build energy making the workout smoother as you start to bounce in exchange.

To lose weight, you should have a mild intensity of at least 30 minutes. Do a longer workout if you want to burn extra calories. This can help you build up your stamina as well.

Using Your Arms

If you incorporate your arms, you’ll get the best out of the machine, so use the handles to push and pull and feel your upper body running. This is where the benefit of the elliptical machine is gained; you will engage more muscles in the exercise.

Make sure not to grip too close, though; it’s key to loosen your shoulders. Pressure and injury will result from contracting the muscles so much. In comparison, it’s bound to tire you more easily because you’re going to end up slacking your way through the workout.

Does the elliptical burn fat effectively?

You will burn between 270 and 400 Kcal in 30 minutes, depending on your weight, during a medium intensive elliptical workout. This is a comparatively high number of calories compared to most fitness machines. So to answer the question, yes, the elliptical does efficiently burn fat!

It should be remembered that it’s important to remember to pace yourself. If you’re a novice, don’t do it for more than 30 minutes. Work the way steadily, up to 60 minutes. Bear in mind that time and commitment are needed for weight loss.

Elliptical weight loss training

In the long run, wearing your routine uniform may not be a smart option. You may love your elliptical machine, but it will gradually get tedious to spend all your time doing the same workout over and over.

In addition to feeling bored, the body can slow down while it gets used to the exercise. This is where you can lower the caloric burn and halt weight loss. Your system is going to maintain its capacity, but if you’re not ready for that, you’re going to gain weight again.

Holding your routine different by constantly shocking your body with new workouts will stop you from entering this process. The machine itself will normally give you a selection of programs for a workout.

If you don’t have a machine yet and are overweight), you may want to check out this post, which offers some tips on different models explicitly built for weight loss and overweight people.

Below are a few solid workouts you can perform on your elliptical machine if you lack workout ideas.

Climbing hill

By increasing the resistance steadily, about every two to five minutes, you can do hill climbs on your elliptical trainer.

By alternating the positioning of your palms, you will change this up. Place your hands in the center of your handlebars to imitate a rowing motion. The muscles in your lower back will work this way.

You will increase the intensity when you push and pull if you put your hands at the top. This will help increase the heart rate, and the sweat will be felt.


In order to lose weight, Cardio is almost necessary. It’s going to burn the extra calories, so it’s going to increase your stamina as well.

Think long-distance and stick to a low to high intensity when doing cardio. Start three times a day for 10 minutes. Increase this to three days a week for a total of 30 minutes, until you are satisfied for 60 or more.

Cardio is an exercise that is anaerobic. This would see the body digging into its sugar stores to get the energy required, in comparison to the above.

The Intervals

Alternating between low and high-intensity short bursts can really make you sweat. It will additionally encourage aerobic exercises. When the body is subject to such a workout, it starts to draw energy from its fat stores in comparison to its sugar supplies.

This would allow you to burn an adequate amount of weight, even during exercise. Try to do more than one session a week, initially for only 20 minutes.


For the human body, a healthy weight is important. Being overweight can contribute to different illnesses. So you’re in the right direction by taking the first steps and looking into the subject.

An elliptical machine, whether for your home or in the gym, is an exceptional workout instrument. Thanks to its multi-functionality, it is capable of burning more calories than any other unit. It’s important to know how to use it, though.

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