How Much Does an Elliptical Weigh?

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how much does an elliptical weigh?
How much does an elliptical weigh?

The average home elliptical machine weighs between 70 and 200 pounds, depending on many parameters such as the size of the elliptical and the brand of the elliptical machine.

Elliptical are good way to burn calories. If you’re seeking to purchase an elliptical machine for your home or if you’re moving your home and wants to know that if can move it yourself, it’s a good idea to find out how much the elliptical weighs.

When the placement is on the second floor or above, the weight aspect becomes much more essential. If you’re buying a new elliptical machine, be sure you know how much it weighs and who will assist you transport it.

Ellipticals bought for use in a home are often smaller and more portable than ellipticals seen at a gym.

Each elliptical has its own form and design, which can make it difficult to move and need extra assistance and preparation in order to transfer it securely and effectively.

Before Moving Your Elliptical Disassemble It

It will be tough to move your elliptical in one piece due to the equipment’s design, also the machine’s sheer weight, which is likely to be at least 60 -120 pounds for a smaller ellipticals, combined with its unusual shape makes it difficult to maneuver through doors, corridors, and up and down the stairs.

Before you decide to transfer the elliptical machine, it is a good idea to disassemble the elliptical. You must detach the body from the legs and pedals in order to carry it since they may move back and forth when you are trying to pick it up.

When you disassemble the machine, you should have 3 or 4 primary parts like the handlebars, the pedals, the frame.

When you disassemble the machine, you’ll find that each of these components is a lot easier to pack and wrap, as well as take out of the house and put into the moving truck. To safeguard each item throughout the transfer, wrap it in blankets or mats.

Some Moving tips

Because of their weight, elliptical machines might be difficult to transport, as we’ve discussed in earlier paragraphs.

When transporting the elliptical, as with any large, heavy equipment, you should enlist the assistance of many persons. If you already have access to a hand truck or dolly, use it to assist you in securely transporting the elliptical onto the truck.

If you are unable to dismantle your elliptical before to moving it, or if you do not have enough helping hands to transport the elliptical from your home to the truck, it is always a good idea to contact expert movers and packers.


When it comes to weight, elliptical machines can be beasts. If you want to buy one, make sure you have someone to assist you transport it about. Because of their one-of-a-kind design and form, they are even more difficult to carry.

Make sure you know how much the elliptical you’re buying weighs and that you have help carrying it around. This is a difficult endeavor that should be left to the experts.