Can Riding A Stationary Bike Cause Hemorrhoids?

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Can Riding A Stationary Bike Cause Hemorrhoids- the truth

While riding a stationary exercise bike may not directly cause hemorrhoids, it could have an indirect link. This is most likely when a person exercises in combination with one or more known catalysts.

What are Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids, otherwise known as piles, occurs when the veins around the outer anus swell–in the case of external hemorrhoids; or inside the anus or rectum–with internal hemorrhoids. They may cause pain and itchiness while making it difficult to sit. 

Around 50% of people experience symptoms by 50 years of age. While hemorrhoids are not usually painful, they may sometimes cause severe discomfort. This usually occurs when blood clots form on the skin when suffering from external hemorrhoids; or with internal hemorrhoids, the hemorrhoid prolapses and doesn’t retract into the anus.

What Causes Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids Causes

Many people, who have hemorrhoids, may not experience any of the uncomfortable symptoms associated with the condition. While others suffer pain and unbearable itchiness, as well as finding it impossible to sit on a chair, let alone an exercise bike–with its small seat.

What causes Hemorrhoids?

There are several inciters of hemorrhoids.

  1. Obesity, especially in the abdominal area, may cause hemorrhoids due to excessive pressure on the anal veins. 
  2. The pressure on the anal veins during childbirth may also trigger a bout of hemorrhoids.
  3. Some women suffer the condition during pregnancy due to hormonal changes and the strain the fetus puts on the anal veins.
  4. Straining during bowel movements, constipation, and diarrhea are all triggers of hemorrhoids.
  5. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of family history.
  6. Anal intercourse may aggravate preexisting hemorrhoids.
  7. Many elderly become prone to suffering bouts of hemorrhoids due to thinning skin.

What are the Symptoms of Hemorrhoids?

You may experience an aching sensation or swelling around the anus if you have external hemorrhoids. This is most noticeable when sitting. Also, you’ll notice acute itchiness around the anus.

If you have internal hemorrhoids, the skin may stick out of the anus during bowel movements, and you may see blood on the tissue paper afterward.

Relation Between Hemorrhoids And Exercise Bike

Exercise is essential for your overall health, and training on a stationary bike is an excellent way of maintaining and improving your fitness levels. When cyclists suffer a bout of hemorrhoids–and that may be stationary exercise bike riders or road cyclists–the question may arise, “Can Riding A Stationary Bike Cause Hemorrhoids?” 

While riding an exercise bike may exacerbate a preexisting case of hemorrhoids, it won’t cause hemorrhoids.

The seats of most modern bicycles, whether stationary or road, are relatively small. So, sitting on such a small seat for an extended period may bring out those symptoms you would, otherwise, not have noticed. The pressure of the seat would very likely aggravate a case of asymptomatic hemorrhoids. The chafing may increase the inflammation of the tissue, while the seat pressure may restrict blood flow in the region of the anus.

So, in answer to the question, “Can Riding A Stationary Bike Cause Hemorrhoids?” No, it won’t. But it can bring out the symptoms of an antecedent case of hemorrhoids.

Ways You Can Cope With Hemorrhoids When Exercising With Stationary Bike

Seat on Exercise bike

As we’ve stated previously, biking does not cause hemorrhoids. Actually, exercising may be a relieving factor for the condition. This can be via increased blood circulation within your body. You’re able to take the measures to counter the severity of hemorrhoids.

Topical Creams To Treat And Reduce The Inflammation

You can find over the counter creams that help to ease the blood vessel inflammation. If you are able to check the swelling, it can prevent bleeding and itching. By stopping the bleeding, you can give your cells a chance to grow and heal. Creams additionally can act as a lubricant and prevent friction. So, you could pedal with no worry.

Wearing Padded Shorts During Workout

Wearing regular shorts since you train may play a role in exacerbating hemorrhoids. Unpadded shorts do not cushion you by friction. Exercising for a time induces pressure. This, then, can lead to inflammation. As a result, this alleviates pain and bleeding. Buy a short with breathable padding material such as cotton, and It will prevent sweating, which could irritate the existing hemorrhoids.

Ensure The Seat Is Well Padded And A Perfect Fit

Body structure differs, so when Installing a seat on your bike, make sure it fits the buttocks. A well-configured seat lets the butt to rest comfortably during exercise. This reduces strains on the rectal area. It is wise to ensure you install extra padding for the seat as that will prevent excess friction, which can help with the hemorrhoids.

Warm Water Treatment Before Exercising

Before you embark on training, It’s important to soak the area with warm water. The soaking will increase blood flow and will create a soothing effect. This increase in blood flow is beneficial in relieving pain and inflammation. As a result, it will prevent discomfort as much as possible.

If Hemorrhoids Gets Worse Abstain From Bike Exercising For Some Time

When hemorrhoids are bothering you, then the best thing would be to refrain from biking. After some time when hemorrhoids begin to heal, you can return to your routine training. With correct treatment, it can heal in a short duration. Generally, two to three months are sufficient. However, in a severe condition, they could go around four to five months. Once healed, you can return to some exercises.

Ideal Bike For People With Hemorrhoids

Recumbent bikes are excellent for people with Hemorrhoids. Unlike upright bikes, they enhance uniform weight distribution. Their ergonomic design permits you to sit in a reclined position. This helps you by not exerting excess pressure on your butts.

Recumbent exercise bikes with moving arms also offer extra options compared to an upright bike, e.g., arm exercise. It is very easy to do some beginner-friendly workout on your exercise bike.

Preparations Needed Before Engaging In Cycling In Case You’ve Hemorrhoids

Preparations Needed Before Engaging In Cycling In Case You've Hemorrhoids

Any avid cyclist–whether you work out in the gym on a stationary exercise bike, or hit the road for your morning ride–knows that not cycling because you’re feeling discomfort or even pain, is not an option. After all, a large part of the draw to the sport is to see how far we can push ourselves, through pain, weather, or whatever else gets thrown at us.

So, a case of hemorrhoids will most likely have us Googling, just like you’ve done,  how to cycle with hemorrhoids and perhaps minimize that discomfort.

This medical article encourages those who cycle, row, horse ride, or do certain weightlifting exercises to avoid said activities. (Front Surg. 2021; 8)

But we all know that’s not going to happen. 

  1. So how about taking a warm-up walk before cycling or riding a stationary bike? By increasing your heart rate, you’ll be improving blood circulation throughout the body and lowering the chance of aggravating the hemorrhoids.
  2. Another option would be to switch your seat for one of the softer varieties. The cushioning is less likely to restrict blood flow to the anal region.
  3. Some over-the-counter creams may soothe the area and decrease the amount of friction.
  4. Also, don’t forget to stay hydrated. We sometimes overlook the fact that thirst is not the major reason we hydrate when exercising. Dehydrated skin leads to excess friction, thus blood vessels may rupture and bleed.

Final Words

So, can riding a stationary bike cause hemorrhoids? The answer is no, though it may exacerbate a pre-existing case. 

However, you can do several things to prevent cycling from worsening hemorrhoid symptoms.

‘Hemorrhoids’ is fairly common—especially among the over 50s—but it won’t necessarily restrict your lifestyle. In most cases, you won’t even know you have the condition, since symptoms don’t always show up.

With the proper care, as discussed in this article, you could continue your exercise routine as much as possible. Especially since exercise increases the heart rate and blood flow throughout the body. 

This, along with the cautionary use of exercise equipment as per the above guidelines, should have your hemorrhoids cleared up in no time.

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