Treadmill for Seniors – 9 Best Walking Treadmills

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best treadmills for walking seniors

Looking for the best treadmill for seniors? A treadmill is a smart choice for any age, whether you are just seeking to get into a healthy routine or would like to develop your endurance and general fitness. It offers a user-friendly and low-impact form of cardio that’s functional and gentle on the muscles and joints.

But, not all treadmills provide excellent cushioning, long handrails, and safety mechanisms that seniors will need to stay safe whilst exercising. Treadmills are great for seniors.

For seniors, regularly walking on a treadmill provides a range of health benefits, such as improving memory, reducing arthritis pain, boosting immunity, and assisting weight loss. In addition, it can also lower an elderly’s risk of accidents or physical disabilities by up to 40%, which allows them to live more freely and enjoy a better quality of life.

Some low impact treadmills feature more intuitive consoles, along with additional features that assist seniors in their fitness sessions. You can also consider treadmills with a power incline, which shifts pressure from the knees and enables fast calorie burn at slow speeds.

The following article has our picks for some of the best treadmills for walking for seniors and answers some common questions most senior citizens have when selecting a brand new treadmill to purchase. We’ve written some specific criteria for what an elderly person needs to look for when choosing the best treadmill for senior walking this year.

9 Best Treadmills for Walking for Seniors




  • Best overall treadmill for walking for seniors

  • Multi-Grip Handrails for Balance

  • Low Wide Deck

  • Speed Range : 0.6 – 5 MPH

  • Max Capcity: 295 lbs

  • Best treadmill for seniors with training modes

  • Premium quality cushioned deck

  • 10 year parts warranty 

  • Speed Range : 0.5 – 12 MPH

  • Max Capcity: 400 lbs

  • Best treadmill for obese seniors

  • Extra Long Safety Handles

  • Wide treadmill belt 

  • Speed Range : Upto 4 MPH

  • Max Capcity: 400 lbs

  • Best folding treadmill for walking for seniors

  • Space Saving Folding Design

  • Under desk walking treadmill

  • Speed Range : Upto 7.4 MPH

  • Max Capcity: 265 lbs

  • Long Safety Handles with Pulse Sensors

  • Extra Wide belt 

  • Speed Range : Upto 4 MPH

  • Max Capcity: 400 lbs

  • Most quiet treadmill for seniors

  • Ground level walking surface

  • Speed Range : Upto 4 MPH

  • Max Capcity: 375 lbs

  • Cheapest treadmill for walking for seniors

  • Manual Treadmill with 2 Level Incline

  • Wide side rails for safety

  • Max Capcity: 230 lbs

  • Full Length Medical Handrails

  • Best for recovering patients

  • Speed Range : Upto 12 MPH

  • Max Capcity: 500 lbs

  • 5" Low Deck Height

  • Speed Range : Upto 5 MPH

  • Max Capcity: 300 lbs

Recommended Treadmills for Seniors -Detailed Review

1. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7857 Treadmill

The SF-T7857 from Sunny Health & Fitness is a highly-rated walking treadmill that’s perfect for seniors searching for a safe and effective workout in the comfort of their homes. It’s one of the best home treadmills for seniors and got the longest safety rails for support whilst exercising to improve your arm, leg back muscles.

best treadmills for walking seniors

To avoid slipperiness & possess a firm grip, foam padding is used. Thus, seniors may jump on & off in a secure manner by holding those long railings. Low deck height is yet another amazing feature of this treadmill providing more comfort, this treadmill is featured using shock absorption technology to reduce the impact on the joints while running. All makes it the best treadmill for a 60-year-old woman or man.

This treadmill can keep a record of the distance covered, track duration & calories burned. You could even customize your goals by tapping on the mode button.


  • Extended handrails offer a feeling of extra security.
  • The low-profile deck is easy to step onto.
  • One of the best-rated treadmills for seniors.
  • Features an easy-to-use control panel.
  • A high-performance motor with increments of 0.1 mph is great for light jogging. The sturdy machine can support users around 295 lbs.
  • Fairly small footprint; perfect for an apartment.
  • Adjustable stabilizers on the rear and transport wheels on the front base.
  • Lubrication reminder function.
  • 3 LED displays for time, distance, calories, and pulse.
  • Goal settings, including time, distance, and calories.


  • No quick selection buttons for speed.
  • No incline.
  • Assembly can take a bit of time.
  • No storage space.
  • No built-in programs.
  • No pulse sensor.

2. 3G Cardio Elite Runner Treadmill

The 3G Cardio Elite Runner Treadmill is a heavy-duty top-of-the-line commercial grade treadmill for running. this makes it one of the best treadmills for overweight seniors. 3G Cardio brand of treadmills has received high consumer and professional reviews for its products. The newest Elite Runner model provides all the latest features along with a super sturdy, well-produced treadmill.

best treadmills for walking seniors

Since the top model from the 3G Cardio Series of treadmills, the Elite Runner is designed using a top performance 4.0 HP DC motor and big 3″ rollers to get an incredibly quiet, smooth operation and for comfort, equipped with an advanced Ortho Flex Shock(TM) Suspension System plus a spacious running region of 22″ x 62″ and well over the average dimensions.


  • Three built-in fitness test programs and also customizable programs.
  • Best cushioned treadmill for seniors.
  • Wireless heart rate monitor.
  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Offers built-in speakers and iPod compatibility.
  • Target muscle groups and work on endurance training using the 15% incline.
  • Unique Ortho Flex Shock Suspension System for a comfortable and reliable workout experience, which is easy on the joints.
  • Quick touch controls let you change incline/speed using the simple touch of a button.


  • This model is costly considering the lack of entertainment options and a minimalistic console with a small display.

3. Exerpeutic TF1000 Ultra High Capacity Electric Treadmill

Exerpeutic TF1000 Walk to Fitness Electric Treadmill is a budget-friendly option-packed machine with numerous helpful features. This treadmill is one of the better treadmills for older adults and is equipped with a 1.5 HP Motor. This motor might not be impressive compared to its counterparts, but it includes a Quiet Drive that reduces the noise level.

best treadmills for walking seniors

This inexpensive treadmill has a durable steel frame and supports 400 pounds. The Exerpeutic TF1000 treadmill offers two manual incline settings for people who wish to intensify their training regimen.

The belt is also wide enough to accommodate users with distinct heights. Long handlebars and cushioning desks with shock absorption are what’s best for seniors. All in all, the Exerpeutic TF1000 treadmill is the best option for a senior who’s trying to find a simple machine to walk on a budget.


  • One of the best treadmills for seniors.
  • Fold up the treadmill for seniors and comes pre-assembled.
  • 400 lbs of max weight capacity.
  • Heavy-duty design.
  • Emergency shut off.
  • Extra-long 18-inch handles.
  • Enormous running belt.
  • Heart rate monitor in the handles.


  • No auto incline.
  • Motor only suitable for walking.
  • No built-in programs.

4. Goplus 2 in 1 Folding Treadmill

Goplus Motorized Folding Treadmill with its powerful, and ultra-quiet 2.25 horsepower motor permits one to walk or run without disturbing other people, making it one of the ideal walking treadmills for seniors.

The foldable treadmill is one of the best folding treadmills for seniors and has a belt featuring a 7-layer non-slip shock-absorbing and a spacious running surface (40″ x 16″) that provides a highly effective and safe cushion for your joints, muscles, and knees.

Goplus 2 in 1 Electric Folding Treadmill

The LED display displays time, distance, calories burned and monitoring your progress in real-time, and keeping a record of your stats. The remote control is quite convenient to adjust the speed settings.


  • Best no-frills treadmill for seniors.
  • The maximum speed of 7.5 mph.
  • 12 built-in programs.
  • Easy storage.
  • Comes completely assembled.
  • The emergency stop button provides excellent security.
  • Maximum weight capacity of 265 pounds.
  • Tablet holder holds mobile phones.
  • Save space and are easy to store.
  • Best portable treadmill for seniors


  • No incline.
  • No water bottle holder.
  • Does not monitor heart rate.

5. ProGear HCXL 4000 Walking Treadmill

The ProGear HCXL 4000 Ultimate High Capacity Extra Wide small electric treadmills for seniors is an excellent machine for safe running and comfortable movement. It’s possible to select the intensity of your workout by choosing the proper speed.

best treadmills for walking seniors

As a senior, you do not need to be restricted when exercising on the treadmill. The ProGear 4000 provides you with a belt that’s 20 inches wide and 40 inches in length. The track is also nicely padded, providing you with the best level of cushioning.

User-friendly speed control on/off buttons on the handlebars and max speed of 4.0 miles per hour is way above the ideal upper level for many senior users. Additionally, it has an easy-to-reach emergency cut-off mechanism. The ProGear 400 provides you with a big, centrally located button that will halt the treadmill instantly.

The ProGear 4000 provides you with a big, clear display that provides you an ongoing readout of the time elapsed, distance walked, calories burned, pulse monitoring.


  • Best small treadmill for seniors.
  • Wide 40 “L x 20 “W running belt running.
  • 400 lbs of max weight capacity.
  • Easy access controls.
  • Emergency shut off.
  • Extra-long handles.
  • 1.5 Horsepower high torque motor with “Quiet Drive” that reduces noise.
  • Measure your heart rate.
  • Speed adjusts in increments of one-tenth of mph.
  • Two-position manual incline feature.


  • No auto incline.

6. Exerpeutic TF900 High Capacity Walking Treadmill

The Exerpeutic TF900 High Capacity Fitness Walking Electric Treadmill is a lightweight model that has only the essential functions. It’s largely utilized for strolls and brisk walks only.

Exerpeutic TF900 High Capacity Treadmill

It’s affordable and one of the best treadmills for a low-intensity indoor workout. It’s great for people who wish to lose weight or maintain proper weight.


  • Straightforward assembly.
  • Displays basic workout data.
  • It’s compact and portable, hence ideal for home use.
  • It’s light in weight but can hold around 350 lbs.
  • Long handles for safe and more secure exercise.
  • Safety key feature.
  • The assembly is straightforward and easy.
  • The price is reasonable compared to most entry-level treadmills.


  • No incline adjustment.
  • No built-in programs.
  • The motor is too weak to run.
  • The track size is not that big.

7. ProGear 190 Manual Treadmill

The ProGear Space Saver manual treadmill for the elderly is an effective tool to help burn extra calories and achieve regular exercise. This basic manual treadmill for seniors has a strong steel frame, wide side rails to get a sturdy and safe stride. Additionally, it will come with the ability to incline for a more intense workout that’s best for burning calories.

Pro Gear 190 Manual Treadmill

The ProGear 190 Space Saving is one of the manual treadmills having featured minimal assembly, no electrical power, a foldable space-saving design, and it’s maintenance-free.


  • One of the best manual treadmills for seniors.
  • The compact foldable space-saving design provides easy assembly.
  • Sturdy steel frame.
  • One of the best inexpensive treadmills for seniors.
  • Two distinct inclines (6 and 10 degrees) levels.
  • It could be easily relocated with transportation wheels.
  • Twin flywheels and oversized belt rollers ensure smooth and consistent operation.
  • Longer than average handrails that provide users safety.
  • Maximum user weight capacity of 230 pounds.


  • The console looks cheap.
  • No built-in training programs.
  • The running belt tends to oscillate during workouts.
  • The running surface is too narrow for vigorous running exercises.
  • Not suitable for users taller than 6 feet.

8. HCI Fitness PhysioMill Rehabilitation Treadmill

The HCI Fitness PhysioMill Rehabilitation Treadmill is one of the top-rated models of HCI Fitness and a very safe treadmill for seniors. It includes a powerful Servo motor that offers true zero starting speed with increments of 1/10 mph. The heavy-duty motor has a top out at 15mph.

HCI Fitness PhysioMill Rehabilitation Treadmill

The treadmill has a max weight capacity of 500 pounds and a thick reversible tread belt with a large running surface of 20″ x 63″ that goes forward in addition to backward. It’s an ideal choice for different commercial settings and clinics, including orthopedic, sports medicine, cardiac rehabilitation, pediatrics, etc. Also, its low step-up height is suitable for many users who have varying physical conditions.


  • Powerful motor to support vigorous exercises.
  • Safest treadmill for seniors.
  • Low height (6.25″) running surface.
  • Ergo shock deck is easy on your joints.
  • Dual emergency stop buttons in case you lose balance.
  • The healthy warranty period on the frame along with other components.
  • A big LCD displays workout progress e.g., Time, Distance, Pulse, Calories.
  • High weight capacity.
  • Full-length handles.
  • Downhill walking with reverse direction.


  • The treadmill is non-folding.
  • Needs a large space because of its size.

9. EXERPEUTIC TF2000 Recovery Fitness Walking Treadmill

The Exerpeutic TF2000 Recovery Treadmill is a step up from TF1000, with a couple of extra features catered specifically for senior users. The treadmill is designed to be the best treadmill for rehabilitation. It has full-length handrails with foam padding specially designed for all those seniors that need safety, security, and ease of use. Individuals that are in recovery or even anyone unfortunate to have difficulty with mobility.

EXERPEUTIC TF2000 Recovery Fitness Treadmill

Although it’s designed as a walking treadmill, it’s an upper limit of 5 mph and adjusts in increments of 1/10’s mph. There’s not an incline feature along the treadmill belt size is 50″ L x 16″ W. A highly visual backlit LCD display shows time, speed, distance, calories burned, and pulse. There’s also a heart rate monitor.


  • Ideal for elders who need safety while exercising or people with balance issues.
  • Max weight capacity of 300 lbs.
  • A reduced deck height of 5″.
  • 10 shock-absorbing deck cushions to absolutely minimize the impact on joints.
  • 1.5 HP motor with “Quiet Drive” that reduces any noise.
  • Stop button and safety clip for an emergency.
  • Bright dashed line running the length of the belt to reveal whether it is moving or not.
  • An extra-wide midsection rail permits for resting between sessions.
  • 4 Adjustable stabilizers can be adjusted to provide a little incline or decline.


  • The treadmill does not fold up.

Things Seniors Should Look for In a Treadmill -A Short Buying Guide

A Short Buying Guide to Treadmills for Seniors

Exactly who’s a senior citizen? Typically a senior is who’s age is 55 years old or more. Unlike young runners searching to get a fast and intense workout, seniors should have other priorities in mind.

When evaluating what makes a treadmill best for seniors, it is important to consider factors such as speed, belt size, and design. Seniors must put more importance on aspects like belt cushioning and safety rails compared to other users.

If you are a senior looking to buy a treadmill or buying for a senior, below are a few of the most important treadmill qualities which may matter for you and you ought to be on the lookout for when browsing:


Beyond the design and power, belt cushioning is important for comfort and reducing the chance of injury. It is especially important for seniors since it helps compensate for the loss of natural joint cushioning.

The quantity of belt cushioning on treadmills will vary depending on your budget. On high-end treadmills, you may expect excellent shock absorption; mid-priced treadmills sometimes have orthopedic cushioning, however on cheap treadmills, the cushioning is quite poor, so in the event that you’ve got no other treadmill option compared to this, it is especially important to treat yourself to orthopedic sneakers.


A treadmill incline can help you to simulate walking uphill. This naturally shifts the body weight to reduce pressure from on your knees. Other benefits of using a treadmill with an incline are more calorie burning and muscle toning. By walking on an incline, it is possible to burn calories over two times as quickly compared to walking at zero degrees.


Safety features are a crucial part of any treadmill for seniors. Ensure that any treadmill that you consider comes equipped with the easily-accessible emergency stop cord, also known as safety lanyards, so in the event that you slip, it stops moving.

Most home treadmills are built with short handrails; however, the so-called “best treadmill for seniors” is built with safety in mind; they normally have full-length or long handrails. You need to choose a machine accordingly.

Some models like the Exerpeutic TF2000 include additional safety features, such as the dashed tread belt, which are helpful for seniors and act as a visual reminder of just how fast that the tread belt is moving.

Special Needs

A couple of treadmill brands like Nordictrack T Series build cardio machines especially for trainees with low vision and other special physical or cognitive issues. Examples include high-contrast track coloring and also raised console icons.


Many running treadmills are built to carry lots of punishment. As a result, they tend to be heavy and extremely bulky. This is the exact reverse of what seniors should look for in a treadmill.

Suppose you plan on walking or jogging on your own treadmill, better to get a lighter frame that is a bit more manageable to maneuver around. Wheels are a huge plus because it may frequently be difficult for seniors to pick up the entire weight of a treadmill. A folding treadmill is also convenient if you’re trying to save space in a small home or apartment.

Speed & Motor

Most seniors will be walking and jogging on the treadmill; a strong motor may not be crucial. For most seniors, contrary to the treadmills designed for running, a walking treadmill with 4mph is going to be enough speed. The noise level is the key point to watch out for. Underpowered motors tend to be noisier.

Belt Size

Walkers and joggers do not have to worry too much about belt size on your own treadmill; however, depending on your height, it may still be an important factor. We all believe treadmills for elderly people do not require a huge belt.

Walking treadmills normally offer belts ranging from 40″ to 50″ in length. If you are over 5 feet tall or require long strides, start looking for a model using a belt of at least 45″. On the other many tread belts fall between 15″ and 20″ wide; those sizes are perfect. Many seniors might even prefer narrower belts since they provide easier access to handlebars.

Secondary Features to Look for When Buying The Best Treadmill for Walking for Seniors

Big readable LCD screen – In case you do not wear them when exercising, so I need to have the ability to see the screen properly. You do really get to understand where everything is on the screen after a time.

Heart rate monitor – Doctors frequently advise their elderly patients to operate at a particular heart rate, so that it’s nice to have an accurate heart rate monitor for a fixture on this machine.

Heart rate sensors embedded into both rails can be quite helpful for planning your own workouts and monitoring stress.

Customer support – Treadmills are not cheap. Though we have not selected the expensive “bells and whistles” ones, getting customer service and support from any company is important. We’ve discounted some treadmills because of rather poor support. Due to the size of this item, additionally, there are delivery issues to consider. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Should Seniors Use Treadmills?

Many seniors question the logic of walking on a treadmill. Why spend money on expensive machines if you can walk outside for free?

Treadmills have variable speeds. The incline feature provides an extra dimension for a cardio session. Treadmills provide more joint cushioning than hard road surfaces. This is very important for seniors. Walking on a cushioned treadmill belt might help prevent that damage from occurring compared to hard surfaces.

Similarly, treadmills offer more advanced safety features to protect seniors while still walking. Even the extended handrails and safety clips are designed to prevent fall accidents and keep seniors on their own feet. 

Elderly people can acquire substantial health benefits by doing physical activities like walking. Mix that up with short sessions of vigorous exercise that a treadmill can provide, such as walking uphill, faster or jogging for increased health rewards.

Buying a home treadmill is a good way for everyone to have access to cardiovascular health benefits but especially so for senior citizens since they are unable to visit the gym.

How Fast Can A Seniors Walk On the Treadmill?

This is all up to you. You need to aim to push yourself, or you’ll never improve your fitness and general health. But don’t simply turn your treadmill up as fast as it could go and hope for the best. The best speed to walk is at which you are comfortable and do not struggle to keep up with the treadmill.

The ideal pace additionally depends on your workout time. If you are unsure of the ideal speed, start at the slowest speeds and slowly work your way up. There is no shame in holding yourself to lower speed; after building your endurance and cardio fitness, move on to higher speeds.

How Fast Should a 60-Year-Old Walk on A Treadmill?

This is solely dependent on whether you are coping with and whether you are feeling any discomfort that is limiting your workout. Any speed is appropriate as long as you feel safe, but 2.53 to 2.82 mph is a decent walking speed.

Are Treadmills Bad For Joints?

Generally, treadmills with much increased cushioning will be better for your joints, while treadmills without cushioning can cause harm. The quantity and quality of cushioning increases as you go up in price; you will discover more effective cushioning systems on high-end treadmills than you’re on-budget ones.

How Much Exercise Is Recommended For Elderly People?

According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, older adults should do 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity.

Is Walking Good Exercise For Seniors?

Walking has many things to contribute to the physical well-being of seniors. Regular walking will improve your heart condition and also eliminate possibility of cardiovascular issues. You will find trusted evidence that links walking into the greater immune system. It is also an excellent method to combat weight issues and decrease the chances of elderly disability.

Research indicates that walking helps reduce pain in arthritis. The exercise lubricates your joints and also reinforces supporting muscles.

How many steps should a senior citizen/older adults aim for in a day?

According to a review article in NCBI, healthy older adults can aim for 7,000-10,000 steps/day, whereas individuals living with a disability or chronic illness can aim for 6,500-8,500 steps/day.

Best Treadmills for Seniors: Wrapping Up

Treadmills are one of the best exercise equipment for seniors. Even better than an elliptical trainer. Following an exhaustive review, we have chosen Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7857 Treadmill as our top pick for the best treadmill for seniors over other treadmills brands like Xterra fitness, sole f63, NordicTrack treadmill (t series treadmill). The powerful motor, long handrails, affordable price, and other helpful specs made it one of the best treadmills for elderly citizens.

But, there are plenty of choices to be had within this category of best treadmill for seniors, no matter your budget you will find something. Any one of the exercise equipment featured in this article will be the best treadmill for an older person.

Remember our mini-guide when looking for a brand new treadmill and get a model that covers all your fitness requirements and safety.

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