10 Best Treadmill Elliptical Combo Machines [Review 2022]

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A treadmill elliptical combo is excellent cardio equipment for building endurance and toning your body. Both the 2 in 1 elliptical treadmill combo and the 3 at 1 elliptical treadmill stepper combo machines, although expensive, can help you to gain a whole-body cardio workout. These hybrid treadmills are also known as cross trainers can provide the benefit of elliptical, treadmill, and stepper all in one.

A Cross-training treadmill not just encourages walking and running but a treadmill elliptical combo also replicates the motions of stair climbing and an elliptical. These cross-training or hybrid treadmills minimize the impact on your knees and joints, making them ideal for rehab, elderly users,  runners and walkers who need the benefits of engaging several muscle groups at a time while preventing the unpleasant impact of traditional treadmill e.g. knee pain. They are also an excellent option for people that desire a very low impact workout.

As there are numerous models available on the market, choosing the best lliptical treadmill combo model may be hard. That’s the reason why we’ve made this review. Listed below are 10 of their best elliptical treadmill combo you can buy today.

Top 10 Best Treadmill Elliptical Combo For Home


Product Name



  • Best Value

  • 16 levels of resistance

  • Manual mode

  • 15.7" stride length

  • Best Budget

  • Curve-Crank Technology

  • Most compact design

  • Power saving mode

  • Space efficient

  • Combo workout

  • 8 levels magnetic resistance

  • 19.5" stride length

  • 24 different program

  • 16 levels magnetic resistance

  • Stepping and striding

  • Heavy-duty Frame

  • All-in-one design

  • 2.5x more calories burn

  • Bowflex TreadClimber App

  • Upper Body Arms

  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs.

  • Max speed: 10 mph

  • Space-saving design

  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs.

  • Full-body low-impact workout

  • Premium

  • 30-day iFit trial

  • 24 levels of resistance

  • Stepper elliptical treadmill

  • Zero-impact

  • Self-powered 

  • Aircraft-grade aluminum legs

  • Adapt stride length

  • 20 resistance levels

  • 10-year warranty on parts

  • Lower body fitness

  • Reduces stress on joints

  • Engages quads and glutes

  • iFit technology

  • Center-drive design

  • 7" HD touchscreen

1. ProForm Hybrid Cardio HIIT Trainer

The ProForm CardioHIIT is a fantastic machine that will help you accomplish your fitness and body goals. If you are a gym enthusiast or if you are a serious athlete who needs the most out of your training program, you will certainly love the concept of full-body HIIT exercise.

ProForm Hybrid Cardio HIIT Trainer

Mixing together a 10-inch vertical trainer with all the complete upper body motions to stimulate steps while boxing allows you to sweat more and burn much more calories.

HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training is an energized training in which during the set amount of time you plan to place your 100% campaign. Don’t be afraid! There are also short intervals for restoration.

In order to burn more calories and build more stamina plan to maintain your heart rate throughout the session. The trainer provides a workout for the whole body, without having any effect on your joints. The CardioHIIT Trainer Pro utilizes elliptical path that is more vertical than other elliptical-stepper hybrid.

High-Intensity Interval Training has quickly become one of the most popular and efficient training techniques in the world. The ProForm CardioHIIT Trainer professional is an elliptical treadmill combo for advanced trainers who want their fitness levels to increase. For elderly individuals or children, it is not recommended because HIIT workouts can be quite demanding.

What we like

  • Low-impact training; Professional quality performance;
  • Compatible with iFit;
  • Overall body, low-impact training improves endurance, metabolism, and bone density;
  • Takes less space;
  • Reduces the risk of exercise-related injury;
  • 24 levels of resistance and 34 preset workout programs;
  • Multi-grip handlebars;
  • Cushioned pedals for comfort;
  • 10″ touchscreen with web browser;
  • Two-speed cooling fan;

What we don’t like

  • HIIT isn’t everyone. This can cause some serious health damage, such as stroke;
  • Before working out with the machine, consult your doctor to ensure that you are in great health;

2. Bowflex 3 in 1 TC200 TreadClimber

The Bowflex TC 200 is very much like the tested TC100. Nonetheless, it has more advanced features, making it a much better choice.

Bowflex TC200 3 in 1 TreadClimber

Without the rigor of walking, this excellent equipment helps a walker or runner to enjoy the advantages of walking. Compared to a treadmill, it has a smaller chance of injury. This helps you lose calories 2.5 times faster than your elliptical trainer or treadmill workout.

The TC200 is just a 3-in-1 elliptical, like the TC100, combining a stair climber, treadmill, and elliptical trainer. It features an extra-large set of treadles that go up and down to leverage the many advantages of the treadmill-elliptical hybrid.

The TC200 has a top speed of 4.5 mph, and a minimum speed of 0.5 mph. This is sufficient for more advanced walkers as well.

Bluetooth compatibility allows you to transfer your exercise information to your smartphone. The console has a vibrant LCD that helps you to monitor your fitness goals. This specific model has four customizable profiles, unlike the TC100 that uses only two profiles. In addition, five preset workout programs, a cup holder, and a charger are a part of this elliptical treadmill combo.

It’s not surprising, because of all these features, this unit is one of the best elliptical treadmill equipment available on the market.

What we like

  • Compact design;
  • Four profiles which are customizable;
  • The layout lowers the risk of injury;
  • One of the cheaper elliptical stair climber and treadmill combo around;
  • 3 in 1 design burns about 2.5 times more calories;
  • 5 preset workout programs;
  • Transport wheels;
  • Bluetooth compatible;
  • 3-year frame & component warranty;
  • Use all popular apps such as MyFitnessPal and Google fit, as the Bowflex links and synchronizes them all;

What we don’t like

  • More expensive compared to TC100;
  • Not quick enough to run on;

3. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3919 Hybrid Elliptical Machine

Among those elliptical machines released by Sunny Health & Fitness in late 2019 is the SF-E3919. It is an elliptical stepper or even a machine that provides the standard elliptical trainer plus a stepper with a step and range of motion between the two. However, it is a trainer made for home use that offers excellent durability along with an adequate range of features.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3919 Hybrid Elliptical Machine

This premium Cardio Climber is a stair climber elliptical combo equipped with an 8-level magnetic resistance program, a long-lasting set of pedals, and a console that can track all the main metrics of the workout. It has a compact and durable frame with two handlebars and a function for pulse reading. It is a fantastic machine for cardio workouts of mild to high intensity, muscle toning, growth of stamina, along with weight loss. Overall it offers excellent value for the price.

The SF-E3919 features an elliptical path which is almost completely vertical. The angle of both rail bars of these pedals is approx. 45 °, so that the pedaling motion resembles an elliptical trainer with an incline. There is no automatic or manual incline in the machine; both rail bars are fixed. It does not need an external power supply because of magnetic resistance.

The frame is built of steel tubing with corrosion resistant paint finish. But the covers of both the flywheel and other drive and resistance components are made of ABS.

What we like

  • Cosmetic design and compact;
  • Sturdy steel frame supports user up to 260 pounds;
  • Front transfer wheels;
  • Adjustable back stabilizers;
  • Durable, large pedals for extra foot stability;
  • Fixed handlebars with sensor;
  • Strengthened and precision-welded handrail bars for increased robustness;
  • Quiet belt drive machine;
  • 8 levels magnetic manual resistance;
  • Multi-window LCD display with goal settings & BMI function;
  • Functions for clock, date, and temperature;
  • Requires minor maintenance;

What we don’t like

  • No web connectivity;
  • No bottle holders;
  • There is no back-light on the display;

4. Octane Fitness ZR8 Zero Runner

The true treadmill elliptical combo machine is the joint-friendly Octane ZR8 Zero Runner. Run faster with minimal impact through training. Your natural walking body language is protected by its revolutionary design with moving arm bars adapts automatically for shorter steps and long running steps. The presence of performance grips helps to replicate how the natural motion of your arms outdoors.

Octane Fitness ZR8 Zero Runner

The combination of lightweight pedals and aircraft-grade aluminum also provides natural and smooth running; resulting in improved performance and efficiency. 

In addition, get ready to reap the advantages of balanced cardio workouts. The SmartLink App is here to assist you by creating some customized workout regimes based on your set goals. The App helps you to see your progress by tracking your workout to ensure muscle toning, endurance, building stamina.

There’s no need to plug the runner. Thus without having to pay for the electric charge, enjoy the full opportunity to place it anywhere in your home. 

With the support of the step tracing technology, you can track your progress in which you can easily understand the pace of your workout level.

What we like

  • Cordless, self-powered so, no noise;
  • Wheels for transport;
  • Wireless heart rate monitor strap;
  • Cross-platform workout for higher results;
  • Walk, run, and jog with zero effect on the body;
  • Soft pedals with aircraft grade aluminum;
  • Using contoured grips to move arm bars together;
  • Full body suspension with wide range of resistance;
  • Naturally adjusting the length of step;
  • SmartLink training and stride length tracer contributes in maintaining good shape;

What we don’t like

  • No audio on the console;
  • LCD measurements are disappointing;

5. Bowflex TC100 TreadClimber

For many reasons, this is a popular machine. The Bowflex TC100 is intended for a low-impact training session that provides effective and efficient results. This top Bowflex invention represents a new age of cardiovascular training equipment featuring an elliptical treadmill all in one design.

Bowflex TC100 TreadClimber

The Bowflex TreadClimber TC100, as advertised, lives up to the “Just Walk” tagline.  It’s the fantasy equipment for any walker, particularly if the walker is looking for a cheap option.

Get the best of treadmill elliptical stair climber combo. With two separate treadles that feature moving belts, the trainer functions. The treadles have an up and down movement, which creates a unique workout experience.

The Bowflex hybrid trainer with speeds of up to 4.0 mph is ideal for walkers who want to find an alternative solution for training. The console has a convenient USB interface that allows your devices to be controlled during your workout.

It has an interactive LCD display that allows up to 2 users to save profiles and track the burning of calories, distance, and speed. A set of cup holders, a holder for your tablet and smartphone are available in the console region. In addition, contact grip sensors on the handlebars are included.

As a treadmill and elliptical combination, it’s far much better than your routine elliptical trainer or treadmill, 2.5 times to be exact. It has a power incline setting that ranges from 0 to 40%. This promotes muscle toning. And since you raise the angle, then the focus goes to the glutes from the calves. Moreover, the pressure in the joints decreases as you walk. Therefore, for people recovering from injuries, it is an excellent unit.

What we like

  • Small footprint design;
  • Overall, at the moment, it’s among the best hybrid elliptical machines on the market;
  • Well-priced for a hybrid machine;
  • A roomy console that has a smartphone/tablet holder;
  • Customizable options for your workouts, including two user profiles;
  • Oversized holders for cups;
  • 2-Year warranty;
  • Sensors in contact grips;
  • Weight capacity of 300 pounds;

What we don’t like

  • No cooling fan;

6. Bowflex M8 2 in 1 Max Trainer

The Bowflex Max Trainer M8 is a cross-trainer resulting by a cross between an elliptical and stepper machine, rolled up in a compact design that provides the ultimate overall body workout.

Bowflex M8 Max Trainer

It includes 20 resistance levels, which makes it appropriate for all levels of fitness. It also has the Bowflex Max Intelligence App. It is built on an Ai (artificial intelligence) that analyze your fitness level and automatically indicate how to step to your next level and ultimately your final goal.

The M8 is designed for a range of gym users. Whether you are looking to get out of a long absence in a workout routine or enhance your current physical condition, the M8 will support your goals and abilities.

With artificial intelligence technology that recalls every workout, the Max Intelligence Platform can even enhance your workout experience and force you to work harder like your personal trainer every day at your home. With no unpleasant effect on your joints, this is a minimal impact machine helps you to tone your body, burn calories and lose weight.

For an additional cost, Bowflex also offers a performance pack which includes a Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6″, a machine mat along with an armband heart rate sensor.

What we like

  • 20 resistance levels and up to 4 user support;
  • Dual mode LCD/LED displays burn rate;
  • Zero-impact on joints; Premium pedals and grips, bigger media stand;
  • Max Intelligence app which makes a more personalized workout plan catering to everyone;
  • Performance Pack available which includes a Samsung Tablet, mat, and heart rate monitor;
  • Enables users to get a Fantastic workout in a shorter period of time;
  • Water bottle holder;
  • Syncs with the Bowflex Fitness app;
  • Eight-week daily burn subscription included;

What we don’t like

  • No cooling fan;
  • Not easy to assemble;
  • Warranty may be better;
  • Yearly subscription on Max Intelligence;

7. Precor AMT 835 Commercial Adaptive Motion Trainer

The Precor AMT 835 is similar to the popular adaptive motion trainers you can find at commercial fitness centers. It is a piece of ideal cardio equipment for cardio workouts you can keep in your home.

Precor AMT 835 Commercial Adaptive Motion Trainer

The Precor AMT 835 is a low-impact treadmill stepper and all-in-one elliptical machine. It enables trainees to benefit from the award-winning biomechanics of Precor, regardless of their natural stride. Generally, the stride length extends to around 36′′ and the user can adjust the elevation of the stride. In addition, the arm bars go for upper-body toning and additional calorie burn-off.

The AMT 835 stepper elliptical treadmill combo cardio trainer has five training programs, and polar wireless heart rate transmitters are also compatible with the manual mode. To avoid adding to power bills, the console can be powered by user. The arm bars can stimulate general body training.

What we like

  • Patented zero-impact motion by Precor for overall body training;
  • 3 handlebar sets; C-SAFE and FitLinxx compatibility;
  • Low-impact workout with all-in-one motion;
  • Six workout programs;
  • For assistance during vigorous exercise, toe cages;
  • 20 levels of Magnetic resistance;
  • Multilingual display;
  • Stride Dial™ with adjustable stride length of up to 36 inches;
  • Adjustable 6.5 to 10 inch of stride elevation;
  • Two years for parts and 1 for 1 labor;
  • Motion control console;

What we don’t like

  • Considerable footprint;
  • Expensive;
  • No console-integrated fan or speakers;
  • Just 6 programs to work out;
  • Loud motor;
  • Warranty is limited considering the price;

8.  Cybex Arc Trainers

Cybex Arc Trainers are extravagant options if you are seeking a combination of elliptical and treadmill. Instead of ellipse-shaped paths, these cross trainers have arc-shaped footpaths which is milder on the knees and more effective at calorie burning and muscle training than elliptical and treadmill. Every Cybex Arc Trainers has variable stride to allow adults of almost any size to grow, stride or slide for fitness.

Cybex Arc Trainers

Some Arc Trainers are lower body trainers; others are full body trainers with handlebars that move. Most Arc Trainers can be custom painted and can be fit with a standard or deluxe console offering a 15.6″ display option.

Prices start a bit lower for the two lower body Arc Trainers 625A and 770A compared to the Total Body Arc Trainers because moving handlebars are not included. Together with the trainee’s choice of gliding, striding or scaling motion, and the focus of these trainers are lower body training. This allows separate muscle group workout from calves to glutes. 

On the other hand Total Body Arc Trainers support pretty much exactly the low-impact lower physical activity, but they have moving arm bars. They may be nearly twice as effective in extending your upper body workout compared to a standard elliptical machine. The 525AT, 625AT, 770AT, and the Access Trainer are from Total Body Arc Trainers series.


  • Functions as elliptical treadmill stair-climber all in one;
  • Full body training;
  • Best for low impact cardio and strength training;
  • 21 levels of incline;
  • Maximum resistance of 600 Watts;
  • Compatible with iPod and iPhone;
  • Optional 15.6′′ monitor for Cybex GO workouts, Internet, TV;
  • Adjustable stride function permits great muscle toning;
  • Variety of preset workouts;
  • Customizable Color Frame;


  • No cooling fan;
  • High price;

9. Weslo Crosswalk 5.2T Treadmill

The Weslo Crosswalk 5.2T treadmill uses an elliptical like handlebars to keep you in shape. The 2.25 HP motor can reach speeds of up to 10 mph. It is designed to give you both a workout in the lower and upper bodies.

Weslo Crosswalk 5.2T Treadmill

This Weslo treadmill has dual resistance arms for the upper body that keeps you active and pumping. During your workout, you’ll feel completely engaged. Comfort Cell cushioning softens each step so that you will avoid sore, inflamed and aching joints and feet.

You can use the incline option to burn more calories when you are really looking for a challenge. For professional training, you can also use the four preset workouts. These programs are designed specifically to burn fat and enhance cardiovascular fitness. Maintain your target heart rate with the integrated thumb sensor to achieve your fitness goals.


  • Powerful 2.25 HP Impulse O Motor can reach up to 10 mph;
  • Foldable SpaceSaver design allows easy storage;
  • Excellent value for money;
  • Two-level incline for increase intensity and engage the lower body muscles;
  • Crosswalk upper body resistance arms for arms and shoulders workout;
  • Comfort Cell cushioning protects your joints and helps to absorb the impact;
  • Thumb pulse sensor to monitor your heart rate;


  • Just two incline positions;
  • Max user weight of 250 lbs. is quite low;

10. NordicTrack FS7i FreeStride Trainer

The Nordictrack stair climber treadmill elliptical combo FS7i is a great choice for routine Cardio exercise and beginning cross training. This elliptical machine, which works like a treadmill, elliptical machine, and stair climber, can offer something for everyone at your home gym. Obviously, this flexible machine includes a hefty price tag, which is not for everyone. But it’s not really bad if you take into account the fact that you basically buying three machines. In essence, this is an entire home gym in one box.

NordicTrack FS7i FreeStride Trainer

The FS7i is the final product to be considered in this roundup, but not the cheapest. It’s similar to the excellent FS9i model. It is a cheaper option though.  In addition to a 20-pound flywheel, this elliptical treadmill combo model includes a 32-inch adjustable stride.

This model’s best features are the 10 percent incline that can be used to burn more calories than your typical hybrid treadmill. It is a great combination of a treadmill, an elliptical machine and a stepper.

The FS7i FreeStride with more aerodynamic handlebars is really a highly effective resistance trainer. It is also compatible with the iFit Coach app that offers a wider range of programs for workouts.


  • Compact and small size;
  • 24 levels of resistance for challenging workout experience;
  • 32-inch adjustable stride with power incline;
  • 7″ HD touchscreen for viewing iFit workouts;
  • 35 apps for built-in workouts;
  • Wireless heart rate monitor;
  • Center-drive design;
  • Compared to FS9i, cheaper;


  • Short warranty;
  • The 20-pound flywheel is quite light with this price;
  • Costs more than the typical home treadmill;

Advantage & Disadvantages: Treadmill and Elliptical Combo Machine

Have you ever considered changing your treadmill training into some low-impact exercise with the best treadmill and elliptical or elliptical treadmill combo? A lot of people swap their treadmill to get an elliptical machine because of difficulties knees and joints. But a lot of people feel that an elliptical machine does not provide the same amount of fat-burning potential as a treadmill.

Hybrid training equipment takes the best of treadmills, elliptical machines, and most of the time a stepper and combines them to a highly effective low-impact exercise elliptical treadmill combo solution to create a multi-dimensional workout experience.

Elliptical treadmill combo machines offer quite an effective workout and burn more calories in the same amount of time than individual equipment.

Advantages: Treadmill-Elliptical Combo

Exercise bikes, treadmills and elliptical machines are best for aerobic workouts and increase muscle endurance. Vigorous pedaling on a stationary bike will burn approximately 780 calories an hour, while, according to the Harvard School of Public Medicine, an elliptical will burn approximately 670 calories. One can burn about 600 calories if he runs 5 mph on a treadmill. Walking at a moderate intensity of 3.5 mph burns about 150 calories per 30 mins while doing a moderate intensity exercise on an exercise bike, one can burn about 520 calories.

In a study from the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, the participants had similar oxygen consumption and energy expenditure on both elliptical and treadmill.  However, for elliptical machine, the participants had high heart rates.

Combining the Benefits

In some ways, one machine will give you the benefit of the other. The elliptical treadmill combo of the two machines will provide you with two sets of advantages. The elliptical machine, as an example, offers a low-impact workout that is gentle on your joints and spine. Additionally, to add an upper body workout, many elliptical machines include moving grips. On the flip side, if you are training for a running race, treadmills are valuable. They also help move your body in a more natural way than using an elliptical machine.

Cross-training provides the benefit of both elliptical machines and treadmills, so you can do a more balanced workout on cross trainers. A study from the journal Physical Therapy in December 2009 shows that the elliptical part provide more flexion from the analysis, and it can be a bending motion compared to walking, on the back, knees, pelvis, hips and thighs. But, compared to the elliptical machine, walking provides more ankle flexion. Cross-training on an elliptical treadmill combo can also stop you from overworking certain body regions.

Users do not have to worry about becoming bored or exhausted by the exact same constant motion. They can run, walk, climb, or pedal the machine, and it can be designed to meet any workout requirements and physical ability of the trainee.

Disadvantages: Treadmill-Elliptical Combo

  • Cross-trainers are a lot more costly than elite treadmills, with an average price of $2,500. It may even cost $10,000 for some.
  • For smaller spaces the bulky frame of the elliptical treadmill combo tend to be somewhat less than ideal.
  • A cross-trainer’s average speed is 4.5 mph, which works well when using the machine as an elliptical trainer or even as a stair climber.
  • Cross-trainers are designed on the basis of function, so that additional workout programs or even basic entertainment options are absent.

Treadmill vs. Elliptical: When to Use What

Using your workout routine on both the treadmill and an elliptical machine can give you some advantages over using just one elliptical treadmill combo machine. Some people may decide that for certain requirements or goals, one machine will be much more valuable to them than another, but generally speaking, both machines can provide you with a more well-rounded routine. That is because every machine offers unique benefits over another machine, so using the two combines those upsides.

When to Use the Treadmill

Exercising a few days a week on the Treadmill could be quite a game-changer in terms of strength, endurance.  And if you’re training for a race, then just 2 to 3 days of treadmill is a great way to log runs in terms of speed and incline. The treadmill can help you to overcome your limit far beyond what the elliptical can do, and can force you to do more work. The amount of energy it takes to push the floor is extremely high.

When to Use the Elliptical

For runners who might need a day of rest from their running routine, an elliptical can provide effective healing and low-impact conditioning. The elliptical will allow you to continue to reap the cardiovascular benefits of a challenging workout while providing lower impact.  For runners who want to avoid injury or who just want to combine their fitness routine, this may be a great tool.

While the elliptical cannot replace running on the treadmill or outside, runners especially those who are hurt may benefit.  The elliptical provides an experience of very low impact exercise with a rest your joints needs. Also moving the body a bit differently helps generate some balance.

Last Words

For families with multiple users using the same elliptical treadmill combo machine for distinct functions or for users who want the cardiovascular benefits of running without a major impact on their joints, cross-trainers are ideal.

Cross-trainers are all in one exercise machines that can help you to avoid boredom, repetitive stress injuries, and a plateau effect from using the very exact muscles to perform the very exact exercises every week.

The elliptical treadmill combo offers numerous advantages, and it can be difficult to choose the best because of the numerous options available on the market. Our list of treadmill-elliptical combos reviewed in this post is expected to allow you to get the best workout and accomplish your goals.

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