9 Best Foot Pods for Treadmill, Running or Zwift [Review 2022]

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Foot Pods with smartphones and smart watches

What are foot pods? A foot pod is a running device that sticks to your shoes and also provides you speed and pace data both indoors as well as outdoors while connected to a smartphone. It does not impact your running as the device is lightweight.

Running and cycling are among the best cardio exercise. Whether at home on a treadmill or exercise bikes or taking it on the streets, both running and cycling is excellent way to beat boredom and become healthy. One of the cooler ways is to track your status using foot pods and your smartphone.

Also, you can run or cycle with the app called Zwift, which mixes the enjoyment of video clip games with the strength of stern training, assisting you to get much faster. For those who don’t know, Zwift is an app for bicyclists, joggers, as well as triathletes that makes home or indoor training enjoyable, and also provides significant results.

For newbies, running or cycling on Zwift could be a fantastic means to begin. The most effective part is, running using this innovation is reasonably very easy. All you require is a treadmill or an exercise bike, foot pods that can connect to the Zwift App.

It is necessary to select the ideal foot pod to get the optimal advantage. There are several choices in the marketplace, yet not all might benefit you. Thankfully, we have made a list of the best foot pods on the market for you.

Right Here Are Some of The Top-Rated Foot Pods That You Can Buy





  • Upto 1 year of battery

  • 1.5" x 0.8" x 0.9"

  • 0.48 ounces

  • Ideal for treadmill

  • 4.7" x 3" x 1.2"

  • 4.8 ounces

  • Zwift: yes

  • Upto 20 hours of battery

  • 3.8" x 6.9" x 1.9"

  • 6.7 ounces

  • Best for beginners

  • 1.98" x 1.18" x 0.39"

  • 0.32 ounces

  • Best for Garmin Forerunners

  • 1.0" x 1.0" x 1.0"

  • 1.6 ounces

  • Best for Zwift

  • 1.49" x 1.49" x 0.63"

  • 0.45 ounces

  • Bluetooth and ANT+

  • 1.2" x 1" x 0.8"

  • 0.32 ounces

  • Zwift: yes

  • Upto 41 days of battery

  • 1.37 x 0.95 x 0.30

  • 0.23 ounces

  • Great for indoor training

  • Advanced metrics

  • 0.67 ounces

  • 400 hours of battery

  • 6.5" x 4.2" x 1"

  • 0.32 ounces

  • Zwift: yes, unofficially

1. Garmin Running Dynamics Pod

Train hard, run free. This running pod clips onto your waist to gauge the running characteristics you need to beat. It offers you the choice to run without a heart rate chest strap and yet still can see and also assess your stride size, speed, contact time (ground), and also equilibrium, vertical oscillation, and ratio.


  • Computes and sends 6 running dynamics metrics to compatible device
  • Long battery life – Replaceable battery lasts up to 1 year (assuming 1-hour daily use)
  • Automatically turns itself on/ off
  • At less than 0.5 ounces, you’ll forget it’s there
  • Compatible devices connect with the Garmin Connect Mobile app to automatically sync your data and connect with others


  • Portable
  • Water-resistant
  • Easy to use
  • Light-weight
  • Automatic on-off
  • First Bluetooth Smart foot pod on the marketplace
  • No issues with the cost-free Polar Beat app/ Zwift


  • Not compatible with Zwift
  • It is not plug-and-play
  • Use ANT+ only for communication

These metrics can help you recognize your running form so you can execute a much better running technique on race day. With an exchangeable battery that lasts greater than a year, this foot pod is easy to use. When coupled with your smartwatch, simply clip it to the center back of your waist and begin running. It’s so small, you might forget it exists.

This is a tiny yet extremely efficient running pod, inside a green silicon coat a black puck, it is possibly this shade that makes it attractive to the eye. You do not require to get it out unless you are changing the battery.

It has a small clip that will affix efficiently on the back of your running gear. It transfers raw data to the Garmin Connect Mobile app to automatically sync your data and also can connect with another app.

Water-resistant– the Garmin Running Dynamics Pod is entirely water-proof. This is a feature that offers you the flexibility to function and also run under any type of scenario.

The pod is not plug-and-play, so you will require to download and install the Garmin Connect INTELLIGENCE V2.

To some, this might appear like a job they might wish to prevent. After that, the Garmin has been around for numerous years, currently confirming much better solutions than the majority of various other pods.

Functionality– the very best feature of the Garmin Dynamic running Pod is exactly how straightforward to use. Search the pod on the Garmin Connect Mobile app and connect, and you good to go.

The device includes an excellent grip on your running gear. It is because of this that it has existed in the marketplace for such a long period.

It supplies superb data that you can utilize to contrast just how well you are doing on the track. The charts will reveal you the variants in your energy from the time you started measuring the distance and speed.

2. Polar Bluetooth Stride Sensor

The Polar Bluetooth Stride Sensor footpod aids in improving your running technique by providing running speed and distance keeps track of modifications in your performance, also assists in enhancing techniques. By the way, it’s the first Bluetooth Smart foot pod on the marketplace. The sensing unit is water-resistant as well as shock-resistant, allowing usage in a range of conditions.


  • Includes intelligent functions to gauge your running speed as well as distance when coupled with a Bluetooth Smart device as well as a mobile training app such as Polar Beat
  • Running watch is perfect for working on a treadmill, inside track, or n the muddiest route.
  • After your exercise, view and analyze your running cadence and stride length on polarpersonaltrainer.com
  • Small, shock, and water-resistant sensing unit fits securely onto your shoelaces to take care even the most requiring runs
  • Compatible with Bluetooth enabled smartphones and also specific training applications, such as Polar Beat.


  • Portable
  • Wireless
  • Easy to use
  • It can stand up to any quantity of shock
  • Saves records for review
  • First Bluetooth Smart foot pod on the marketplace
  • No issues with the cost-free Polar Beat app/ Zwift


  • Roughly the dimension of an egg, not as small like others
  • Not suitable for Polar displays

The Polar Stride Sensor is amongst the most productive running equipment worldwide today. It is made to help you monitor every action you take on the track. Whether you are running outside or you have been working out indoors, this device will certainly offer you the most effective way to count your steps. 

This is sensor includes some intelligent features. It is an excellent gear to measure your running speed and also distance.

Suitable for numerous running tasks (on the treadmill or outside)-Whatever the workout, this is a device you can rely upon. Also, when you are going through the muddiest path, it got you back.

Saves data in the app- some individuals enjoy finding what they have done as well as evaluating the data. This device is for you if you are such an individual. Connect to polarpersontrainer.com or Zwift, for example, and review your actual running speed & stride.

Mobility- It is light-weight and also sufficiently small to affix to your various other running gears. You can wear this device, walk without anyone observing you have it.

It is shock and water resistance-Just clip the device on your footwear shoelaces, it will securely hold. Then concentrate on your strides and ignore the foot pod. Do not be afraid to stretch as far as you want; it can take care of also one of the most requiring runs.

3. POLAR S1 Foot Pod

The Polar S1 incorporates inertial technology as well as DSP (electronic signal handling) to provide accurate speed and pace and also distance data. With this footpod, you can track your pace, distance, speed as well as typical rate on a suitable Polar heart price screen.


  • Provides accurate distance as well as speed
  • Comfortable and also steady to wear; endured top of the footwear
  • Water-resistant to 2 meters
  • Compatible with Polar S625X, S725X, rs400 as well as rs200
  • Up to 20 hrs of battery life; utilizes one AAA battery


  • Portable
  • When adjusted properly, accurate.
  • Provides an accurate measure of distance as well as speed
  • Light-weight
  • It can be utilized on a treadmill or when traveling
  • Light-weight yet long-lasting
    Shock and also water-resistant
  • Battery life is 20 hrs, generally


  • Needs calibration every so often
  • Large dimension
  • Not suitable with all Polar devices
  • Somewhat costly

Among the first things that individuals like regarding the S1 Foot Pod is its accuracy. Also, without calibration, the footpod is reasonably accurate. The accuracy goes up to 99% when properly adjusted. It offers outcomes exceptionally near to that of a GPS receiver.

Out of the package, the S1 Foot Pod goes to the very least 97% accurate. For higher accuracy, the foot pod has to be adjusted to your stride. A footpod that has been appropriately adjusted can be as much as 99% accurate.

Durable- the S1 Foot Pod is built for toughness. It is water-proof as well as shock-resistant as much as 2 meters. You can make use of the foot pod also under the rain; however, do not use it while swimming.

Compatibility- Polar produces several designs of heart price watches and also training computer systems. The S1 Foot Pod is not suitable for all designs. It connects with the rs300x G1, RS400, RS400sd, RS200, RS300Ssd, rs300x, FT60, FT80, FT80 G1.

The S1 Foot Pod makes use of one AAA battery. It has an ordinary battery life of 20 hrs. It’s crucial to have a training device that can help you maintain track of your speed as well as distance if you are very serious regarding your running.

The S1 Foot pod will help guarantee that you are going for the wanted pace or speed. It will likewise help you keep an eye on miles you have actually run, so you will undoubtedly know if you are proceeding as intended with your training program.

The Foot Pod is straightforward to use. To connect the system, just slide the fork under the shoelaces of your footwear. Tighten up the lace to safeguard the fork and also affix the foot pod.

A foot pod functions just as well in open or in a covered fitness center; however, it might not be as accurate as a GPS. It likewise requires to be adequately adjusted for either strolling or running to get one of the most reliable outcomes.

4. Wahoo RPM Cycling Speed and also Cadence Sensor

If you require something light, sufficient to provide you the sensation of free air, the Wahoo RPM Sensor is the thing you need. The light-weight feature that makes the product among the preferred running gear on the marketplace.


  • Track as well as record real-time cycling cadence and speed on your bike computer system or mobile phone with suitable apps.
  • Light-weight as well as simple to mount-NO MAGNETS. Cadence sensor affixes to your bike’s crank arm or footwear; Speed connects to your bike’s wheel hub.
  • Integrated Bluetooth as well as ANT+, RPM sensing units connect to smart devices, tablet computers, as well as bike computer systems by Wahoo, Polar, Garmin, as well as much more.
  • Record exercise data with the Wahoo Fitness app and also instantly post data to your preferred training system like Strava.
  • Works with 50+ Smartphone Apps consisting of Wahoo Fitness, Zwift, Trainerroad, Sufferfest, MapMyRide, Komoot, RideWithGPS, Cyclemeter, Peloton, Rouvy, Fulgaz, Kinomap.
  • Water-proof approximately 5 feet.


  • Light-weight
  • Wireless (Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+ enabled)
  • Compatible with lots of apps
  • Great for cycling
  • Compatible with Zwift


  • It has some Bluetooth connection issues

Make sure you pin it well on your footwear to ensure that it can provide you maximum benefit.

Apart from this, it is straightforward to mount. Without magnets, the device connects quickly to the crank arm or footwear of your bike. It features mounts for a proper grip.

The Wahoo foot pod will undoubtedly help you track as well as catch real-time cycling speed. The most effective part is, you can do this from the palm of your hand. Connect the device on your Apple iPhone, Android as well as bike computer system as well as you are set. If you are in a downpour, remember it is ranked IPX7 water-resistant, so do not fret.

You do not require electrical wiring to your smartphone or computer system. The Wahoo footpod is Bluetooth 4.0, and also ANT+ enabled. This is the very best choice for those that desire total liberty on the track.

You do not seem to like cycling outdoors? No worry, you can still record cadence using your favored interior exercise bike. It is likewise suitable for the complimentary Wahoo Fitness app, Zwift, Strava, RideWithGPS, MapMyRide, as well as Cyclemeter, to name a few.

5. Nike+ Stand Alone Sensor Kit

The Nike+ Sensor makes it simple to track your time, distance, speed, and even more while you run. Later, post your run data to Nikeplus.com, the globe’s biggest running club, where you can check your progression, sign up on challenges, map your runs, and also get in touch with buddies.

Nike+ Stand Alone Sensor Kit


  • Works with Mac OS X v10.3.9 or later on, Windows Vista, or Windows XP (SP2) Home or Professional.
  • Accessibility to Nikeplus.com
  • Measures your pace, distance, time elapsed, and calories burned.
  • Simply place the Nike+ Sensor under the sock liner of your left Nike+ ready shoe and start running to sync it with your Nike+ Sport Watch GPS, iPhone 3GS or other Nike+ tracking devices.


  • Perfect for a Treadmills
  • Great for tracking miles, calories, as well as speed
  • Light-weight and also small


  • Incompatible with iPhone 6 & plus and older apple iPhone.

The sensing unit is marketed separately, so it’s excellent if you’re due for a substitute, desire one more set of Nike+ footwear, or require one to attach to your iPhone.

The sensing unit gauges your speed, distance, time expired as well as calories melted. These details are transferred wirelessly to your device for real-time comments while you work out.

6. Suunto Foot POD Mini

Whatever your indoor as well as outdoor running demands, this device has you covered. It includes suitable features you can rely upon for your running data.

Suunto Foot POD Mini


  • Measures speed and distance both outdoors & indoors.
  • Battery life up to 400 hours.
  • Water resistant: 10m ( 33ft.)
  • Disturbance ANT-transmission.
  • Compatible with Suunto Ambit2, Suunto Ambit2 R, Suunto Ambit2 S, Sunnto Quest, M5, Ambit
  • User replaceable battery.


  • Can work with Zwift
  • Accurate action of rate and also distance.
  • Disturbance ANT-transmission.
  • User exchangeable battery.
  • Compatible with various other applications like Suunto Ambit2, Suunto Ambit2 R as well as several others.


  • Very small, thus simple to lose.
  • Not officially supported by Zwift.

The Suunto Foot POD Mini shows you the rate and also the distance in any type of setting. Whether you are running/cycling outside or indoors on a treadmill or spin bikes, there is absolutely nothing you will miss out on from this sensor. It uses the most effective way to watch on just how much you have actually progressed.

Super light-weight- the Suunto Foot POD Mini weighs just 0.32 ounces. It does not, therefore, add unnecessary weight to your feet. You can really get comfy with every stride you take. If you want to run faster and also further, this is the sensing unit to adhere to.

Long battery life- You do not have to fret when using this sensing unit. It includes a lengthy battery life to ensure that you can compete long workouts without any worry of losing your data. You can be sure to get the appropriate data throughout your workout. It offers you approximately 400 hrs.!! As well as a replaceable battery

Water-resistant- are you worried about excessive sweating? Or intend to do outdoor running after drizzling? Well, Suunto Foot POD mini is water-proof

Foot Pod Buying Guide

There are several points to take into consideration when it comes to buying the best foot Pod. There are lots of pods around the marketplace; very few will please your demands and can be considered the best foot pod. Below are a couple of points to keep an eye out for.

Features & Compatibility – The first thing to think about is the “connection features” the device has. Many foot pods make use of Bluetooth and also ANT+ for the link and even communication with devices. You need to know how the device connects and whether or not it is compatible with your devices.

It must have shock and also water-resistant features so that you can run under any kind of problem without fretting about harming your foot pod.

Some are made for Android, while others are a lot more suitable for iPhones. Take into consideration the sort of device you are using. Buy a device that is as simple and durable.

Weight- One thing that may make you fail to achieve your goals when running is heavy gear on your foot or waist. So, ensure that the foot pod and running shoes are as light as possible to go at higher running speed. There is little reason to add too much weight and pressure to your foot. All the devices reviewed above are very light.

Price- Footpods can be rather pricey. However, the quality of the devices and why you need to use it should give you the reason to buy.


What Foot POD works with Zwift?

  • Zwift RunPod
  • Polar Stride Sensor
  • Wahoo RPM Cycling Speed and also Cadence Sensor
  • Suunto Foot POD Mini
  • STRYD Footpod
  • Garmin Foot Pod (ANT+ only)

Is Garmin foot pod compatible with Zwift?

Garmin Foot Pod that has ANT+ coronation is compatible with Zwift.

Does a foot pod monitor heart rate?

You can use the foot pod to record pace and distance but not heart rate. But you can use your connected smartwatch to monitor heart rate.

Can Garmin track treadmill?

Yes, it works when you are working on a treadmill indoor.

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