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Welcome to Healtharty, your number one source for all things related to fitness. We’re dedicated to giving you the best fitness guides and health tips, focusing on the best sports and fitness equipment on the market right now.

Co-Founded in 2019 by Sam, Healtharty has come a long way from its beginnings. When Sam first started, his passion for fitness and healthy life drove him to quit his day job and do tons of research so that Healtharty can offer you the best of the fitness world. We now readers all over the world and are thrilled that we’re able to turn our passion into our website.

One of our primary responsibilities is making sure we provide complete and correct info. So we carefully came up with four major categories to cover all the content on this site, namely: Fitness, Nutrition, Health, and Personal Growth. We believe that these four core areas are vital for living healthy, and you will not need to look beyond these areas.

Let’s Meet our Core Team Members!!

Sam in our testing lab4

Founder and Editor-in-Chief

I am Sam

I’ve been a fitness and health expert for the past 12-years with a B.Sc. in Professional Fitness Training. I’ve built my entire career around helping men and women find the perfect fitness machine their goals, and exercise regimen.

Growing up, I was obese and always blamed my genetics that I couldn’t get active and fit as a teen. However, though I lacked fitness, I did not lack willpower. So I took up sports like wrestling and football, which got me into shape for some time, and I was proud of it.

But in college, I regained most of my weight as I was studying for exams and working hard in multiple jobs. I took on more duties and could not find the opportunity to get into sports or at least train at a level that would keep me fit.

Instead of sports, I had to find another way to continue my route to a better lifestyle.

I have joined a myriad of gyms with a membership that was expensive and didn’t match my schedule. At the end of the day, I found myself completing my workouts off at home with a simple bench press machine and a treadmill. I did not think much of it, but my college buddies started coming, and we’d work out together daily. And in September of 2019, I decided that it was time to upgrade my basement gym for myself and my friends to workout.

This choice kick-started my enthusiasm for assisting individuals in finding a way to integrate personal fitness in their demanding day to day schedules, and lifestyles and healtharty was born.


Hey there! I am Susmita Sarker

I am the co founder of healtharty. I love writing about how to use fitness equipment to lose weight, keep fit, or exercise with an injury for better healing. It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, fat or slim, the health benefits of daily exercise are immense, and that’s what a www.healtharty.com can offer.

tom chase

Pharmacist and Lead Copywriter

I am Tom Chase 

Being born in a sports enthusiast family, I had to represent my school in sports, and of course, all these required a level of fitness. So I found myself running on the treadmill. I’ve participated in many races through the years, such as 5k’s, and five marathons (so far).

I am an industrial pharmacist, fitness enthusiast, content writer. I received his Master’s in Pharmacology and clinical pharmacy in 2017. As I found working part-time in national retail stores during my college life, fitness equipment was a part of my life. Many of them were in the gym departments. I have been lucky enough to experience a wide variety of exercise equipment.

As I’ve got older by combining my knowledge of fitness equipment and computers, I have the perfect niche for me to be able to write about, the positive and negative features of them, and how to use them correctly to achieve any fitness goals.

I enjoy writing about how to use these machines to lose weight, get fit, or exercise with an injury for better healing. It doesn’t matter whether you are young or old, obese, or slender, the health benefits of regular exercise are enormous, and that is what a www.healtharty.com can provide.

These days I’ve begun doing some private trainer and physiotherapy lessons so that I can better answer all the questions our readers ask.


Lead Tester

Hi, I am Tim.

I’m a fitness expert and crazy for health with 12 years of experience in strength training, sports nutrition, weight lifting, and body transformation. I’ve dedicated most of my life and several thousands of hours to get my instruction about health, fitness, weight training, and perfect nourishment.

I follow the very best in the industry, including legendary coach Charles Poliquin, Matt Brzycki, B.S., a famous mentor from Princeton University, Michael Yessis, Ph.D., in Biomechanics, and pro athlete trainer and numerous other leaders.

I’m in my late 30’s now, and I seem far better now than when I was 18 years old. Yes, I had been younger, but I looked dreadful. I had been out of shape, anaemic, and had no muscles. Let’s say I was not the type of guy women get attracted to.


PR manager

I’m Lisa 

A fast-food crazy turned health-conscious person who later became a marathon runner (side note: losing a few 40+ pounds on the way and you can get away with eating whatever you want if you’re more active). I’m on a mission to educate individuals on getting more healthy and stronger!

Every piece of content on www.healtharty.com comes from our ever-growing network of writers and contributors. We have internal teams generating content for every one of our four key categories and external guest writers and contributors who regularly share their expertise. All of our writers have one thing in common: they believe in you and want you to get stronger! We hope you enjoy our posts as much as we enjoy making them. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Sincerely, Healtharty Team